Dendrobium Orchid Genus

Dendrobium Anosmum Orchid

Dendrobium Anosmum

Elegant and pendulous, this is a widespread species commonly found in South East Asia. It is leafless at flowering but produces fragrant flowers borne in twos along the length of the stem and up to 10cm across. These slender flowers bloom elegantly in rich magenta purple from its core through a white exterior border. It thrives well under an open medium environment with access to ample water during its full growth followed by reduced watering in winter with a minimum temperature of 15°C.


Dendrobium Aphyllum Orchid

Dendrobium Aphyllum

Originating from India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina and Malaya, this is a long and slender plant with pendulous pseudobulbs stems that are up to 1m long together with deciduous leaves. It produces ravishing blooms which are fragrant and appear in colours from white to rosy mauve with a primrose yellow lip. The flowers are 5cm in diameter, typically fragile and borne in twos or threes along the length of the old stems. One can expect to see a stunning display during spring should the plant be under the right temperature conditions of minimum 12°C and being ensured that it is well watered after a fairly dry winter.


Dendrobium Chrysotoxum Orchid

Dendrobium Chrysotoxum

Native to India, Burma, Thailand, China and Laos, this pseudobulbous plant produces numerous arching raceme of sun kissed yellow-orange flowers that are fairly waxy in appearance during spring. During winter, it requires high light to encourage flowering and only adequate water should be given to avoid the pseudobulbous stems from shrivelling.


Dendrobium Comet King Orchid

Dendrobium Comet King

Graceful and delicate, this Dendrobium hybrid produces large, fragrant flowers in vibrant magenta-pink with a contrasting white and yellow centre. Clusters of these flowers are seen to bloom along each cane’s length. It is a cool-growing sympodial epiphyte with leaves that are produced along tall and cane-like pseudobulbs together with aerial roots that anchors itself to the branch of a tree.


Dendrobium Draconis Orchid

Dendrobium Draconis

Native to Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, this is a widespread species that produces ivory white flowers and leathery leaves alongside with pseudobulbous stems, up to 45 cm long. It is also identified for its vivacious orange-red stripes found at the base of its flower lip. The Dendrobium Draconis thrives well under cool and open environments of high humidity and good ventilation during summer. During winter, it requires minimum temperatures of 12°C.


Dendrobium Kingianum Orchid

Dendrobium Kingianum

A species commonly found in Australia, it has pseudobulbous stems ranging from 5 to 55 cm long with three to seven leaves at the top. Each flowering racemes can provide up to fifteen small flowers with colours ranging from pink to mauve with darker labellum markings. Full of vitality, this cluster of blooms produces delicate fragrance and they thrive well in an open environment with plenty of light, good airflow and humidity. The Dendrobium Kingianum does not like to stay wet for long periods as per their normal habitat and they require minimum winter temperatures of 2°C.


Dendrobium Lasianthera Orchid

Dendrobium Lasianthera

A stunning species from the low lands of New Guinea, these large plants are typically safe in their remote habitat, guarded by crocodiles and leeches. It produces arching racemes, up to 60 cm and bears 8cm-long upward-twisting petal flowers that are reminiscent of an antelope’s horns typically coloured in red, mauve and brown. The stems extend to 3m tall, with leathery leaves in the upper portion. This plant thrives best under warm and humid conditions with ample lighting.


Dendrobium Polar Fire Orchid

Dendrobium Polar Fire

Stunning and compact, the Dendrobium Polar Fire produces enduring pure white flowers with magenta-stained centres along with slender winter stems. Its stems are identified to be upright, thick, and cane-like. A warm-growing species of Dendrobium, it is ideal for environments including cosy, bright rooms.


Dendrobium Secundum Orchid

Dendrobium Secundum

Native to Burma, Thailand, Sumatra, Laos, Java, Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo, Philippines, and some Pacific islands, the Dendrobium Secundum is a tall, cane-like plant with pseudobulbous stems that are up to 120 cm long. It produces numerous racemes of densely packed, small waxy flowers in alluring shades of pink and mauve-purple which frequently points to one side. A beautiful species with contrasting orange to yellow lips, these long-lasting flowers typically appear during winter period. If pots are used, ensure that the size is small and the plant should be kept fairly dry in winter.



Dendrobium Thong Chai Orchid Slider (RG) Dendrobium Merry Island Orchid Slider (G)
Dendrobium Thong Chai Orchid Slider (RG) Dendrobium Merry Island Orchid Slider (G)
Elegant Dendrobium Li Min Eng Orchid Brooch (RHG) Dendrobium Li Min Eng Orchid Pen Holder
Elegant Dendrobium Li Min Eng Orchid Brooch (RHG) Dendrobium Li Min Eng Orchid Pen Holder



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