Oncidium Orchid Genus

Oncidium Cheirophorum Orchid

Oncidium Cheirophorum

A miniature, fragrant flowered orchid from El Salvador to Panama and Colombia, this species has a cluster of ovoid and compressed pseudobulbs together with solitary leaves at the apex. The flowers produced are of bright yellow, slender and 2cm in diameter with its petals spreading. Apart from its cheery appearance, it gives off a pleasant and strong fragrance. The Oncidium Cheirophorum has a three-lobed lip with its lateral lobes broad and similar to the apical lobe. The callus consists of a thick keel with double rectangular wings shaped in a hood on the upper margin.


Oncidium Lanceanum Orchid

Oncidium Lanceanum

Found in the West Indies and from Venezuela to Peru and the Guianas at lower elevations, the Oncidium Lanceanum is a medium-sized species with clusters of petite pseudobulbs. It has large, leathery and thick purple spotted apical leaf and no leaflike sheaths around the base. With a strong contrast in colours, its sepals and petals are yellow and densely speckled with dark brown while its column wings are oblong and purple. Spotted to be 6cm in diameter, this species has a rose purple lip that is three lobed with small basal lobes and a larger mid lobe that is interestingly kidney-shaped.


Oncidium Ornithorhynchum Orchid

Oncidium Ornithorhynchum

A beautiful and feminine flower native to Mexico and Colombia, the Oncidium Ornithorhynchum has a cluster of pseudobulbs which are eye-catching and compressed, two-leaved at the apex together with sheathing leaves at its base. Flowers are found to be pink with broad petals, stretching this species to about 2cm in diameter. It has a three-lobed lip with the smaller lateral lobes reflexed on the margins and a narrower mid lobe. With a pop of colour, the calluses consist of bright yellow, toothed lamellae at the front which resembles two hornlike teeth. Due to its unique anatomy, its column wings are typically triangular and large while its anther is elongated, resembling a bird's head with an elongated beak. This species requires to be planted under cool conditions for proper growth.


Oncidium Sharry Baby Orchid

Oncidium Sharry Baby

Well known for its fragrance, the Oncidium Sharry Baby is a lovely species recognized as the “Chocolate Orchid” due to the sweet aroma of chocolate scent it has. A cool-growing hybrid that blooms at various times, it produces an abundance of flashy and exquisite cherry-red blooms with white-tipped lips. It is an iconic flower in the orchid species while its branching flower stems can reach up to 80cm tall.


Oncidium Sweet Sugar (Dancing Lady) Orchid

Oncidium Sweet Sugar (Dancing Lady)

A species commonly found in Java that flowers during fall and winter, the Vanda Tricolor features magnificent purple-spotted white flowers with dark lilac lips that are prominent for its strongly reflexed segments, long pedicels and ovaries. Commonly identified to be related to the Philippine Vanda Luzonica, it is differentiated by its flamboyant spotting and strong fragrance.


Oncidium Twinkle Orchid

Oncidium Twinkle

An easy to grow species with profuse flowering characteristics, the Oncidium Twinkle is a dainty and petite hybrid that produces flowers in a range of colours, from various shades of pink to white. A favoured miniature that emits sweet scents of vanilla when blooming, it is a popular orchid choice for beginner orchid growers.



Oncidium Mary Saporita Orchid Slider (G) Oncidium Wildcat Orchid Slider With Crystal Tailends (RHG)
Oncidium Mary Saporita Orchid Slider (G) Oncidium Wildcat Orchid Slider With Crystal Tailends (RHG)
Oncidium Haematochilum Orchid Necklace (RHG) Oncidium Coco Drop Earrings
Oncidium Haematochilum Orchid Necklace (RHG) Oncidium Coco Drop Earrings



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