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Lotus Satori Earrings with Amethyst
Lotus Satori Earrings with Amethyst $280.00
Lotus Flower has been one of the most ancient and deepest symbols used in Asian culture. A lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, untouched and unaffected by the dirty surroundings. Purple Lotus Collection captures the wonders of nature. The lotus flower reminds us every day that every one of us has hidden inner strength and beauty which is waiting to bloom and to shine out. This collection is a celebration of Mother Natures grace and every woman's inner beauty and strength. Product Information:925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium with Natural Amethyst Dimensions:Length: 30 mmWidth: 19 mm PRODUCT CODE: R5LSASB1
Ascocenda Sagarik Gold Orchid Dangling Earrings (PG)
Ascocenda Sagarik Gold Orchid Dangling Earrings (PG) $160.00
This stunning pair of natural orchid earrings encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Palladium is a precious accessory to own due to its versatility to bring its wearer from a day in the office to a night out in town effortlessly.     Product information: Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Palladium Dimensions: Total Length: 42.5 mmLength: 18 - 22 mmWidth: 16 - 20 mm   PRODUCT CODE:  R5AS1LB2
Rue of Grace Earrings with Montana Agate
Rue of Grace Earrings with Montana Agate $220.00
Expressing the grandeur of nature that epitomises beauty and grace, RISIS designed a collection inspired by the gentle movement of fern leaves during spring. This elegance resides in the intricate craftsmanship of natural Ruta Graveolens encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold, coupled with Montana Agate beads that exude spellbinding qualities and evoke emotions of reverie.  “Whatever life plants you, bloom with grace”. Step out in modern grace as each piece embodies traits of the fern leaves that symbolises sincerity and new beginnings. From the asymmetrical necklace to the earrings with triple ways of wearing, it is an unquestionably refined collection that reflects your style spirit. Made of real Ruta Graveolens leaf; you can be sure that each piece you own is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are the same.      Product Information: Natural Ruta Graveolens Leaf Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Montana Agate Dimensions:Earrings Length: 50 mmLeaf Length: 19 - 23 mmLeaf Width: 14 - 17 mm PRODUCT CODE: R5RGLLG1  
Lotus Heart Saga Seed Earrings
Lotus Heart Saga Seed Earrings $250.00
Saga seeds are a representation of love and unity, evoking sweet memories of simple love. This collection is delicately handcrafted jewellery featuring stylized lotus patterns on the metalwork combined with love seeds and genuine White Topaz gemstones. Playing with metaphor of lotus as the symbol of re-birth combined with natural saga seeds symbolizes love. Each piece in this collection is unique and act as precious gifts that are great reminders to showcase your love to the ones dear to you. Product Information: Natural Saga Seed, 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold with White Topaz Dimensions:Earrings Length: 45 mmLength: 15 mmWidth: 16 mmNatural White Topaz : ~3 mm (2pcs)   PRODUCT CODE: R5ELSLG1  
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Love Petals Earring
Love Petals Earring $250.00
Inspired by everlasting love, RISIS unlocks sweet memories this Valentines Day with its Love Petals collection. Introducing timeless pieces from necklaces and earrings, it features rose petals that have been freshly picked at the peak of its beauty and encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold, igniting eternal romance. Paired together with amethyst, each handcrafted piece is imbued with tranquility and royalty. Make someone feel special with this quintessential gift of love as a precious reminder of moments to be cherished. Product Information: Real Rose petals encapsulated in 18k Rose gold with Amethyst stones Dimensions: Length: 6cm Width: 3cm Product Code: R5ROSDA1
Promesse Earrings
Promesse Earrings $150.00
Crafted with natural Euphorbia milii flowers, the Promesse Collection features an exquisite design that resembles the infinity symbol. Encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold, this earrings' flower, blooms with unmatched beauty as the symbol of eternal love gracefully hanging on a delicate chain encapsulated in the same finish. This jewellery piece is the epitome of feminine elegance that set hearts aflutter. Made of real Euphorbia Milii; you can be sure that each piece you own is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are the same. Product information: Euphorbia Milii Flower Encapsulated in 18K Swiss Rose Gold Dimensions:Length: 22 - 23 mmWidth: 18 - 19 mm PRODUCT CODE: R5PROSA1