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Zodiac Rat Figurine
Zodiac Rat Figurine $98.00
Rat - honest, amusing, creative and sociable. Overcomes obstacles easily. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension: Length: 50 mmDepth: 25 mmHeight: 25 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMRA02G
Abundant Wishes Rat
Abundant Wishes Rat $408.00
Inspired by festive Chinese greetings, the adorable Rat hopping on to the tangerine brings a lifetime of fortune and prosperity. The pronunciation of “tangerine” (橘ju) in Chinese is similar to “auspicious” (吉ji), symbolising the arrival of wealth and success in leaps and bounds. This sculpture is hence a mark of modern craftsmanship. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Copper Blackened Base Dimensions:Length: 50 mm Height: 95 mm Width: 51 mm Weight: 680 g Product Code: RVRATSG1
Zodiac Rabbit Figurine
Zodiac Rabbit Figurine $98.00
Rabbit - refined, clever, hospitable and cautious. Thrives in business, law, diplomacy and theatre. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimension: Length: 47 mmDepth: 21 mmHeight: 32 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMRB02G
Zodiac Rooster Figurine
Zodiac Rooster Figurine $98.00
Rooster - amusing, courageous, adventurous and energetic. Often succeeds in business. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimension: Length: 40 mm Depth: 20 mm Height: 55 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMRO02G
Zodiac Pig Figurine
Zodiac Pig Figurine $98.00
The Pig shares its bounty of wealth and abundance, its magnanimous nature bringing about true joy from the ability to give and receive in multifold. Symbolic of its Golden heart, each piece is encapsulated in exquisite 24K Swiss Gold. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension:Length: 45 mmDepth: 20 mmHeight: 25 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMPI02G
Zodiac Monkey Figurine
Zodiac Monkey Figurine $98.00
Monkey - with common sense and quick wit, enthusiastic and smart with a sense of humour. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions: Length: 50 mmDepth: 25 mmHeight: 35 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMMO02G
Zodiac Horse Figurine
Zodiac Horse Figurine $98.00
Horse - humorous, independent and with initiative. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension: Length: 57 mmDepth: 17 mmHeight: 54 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMHO02G
Golden Harvest Pumpkin
Golden Harvest Pumpkin $138.00
Pumpkin (南瓜; Nan Gua) – Abundance of wealth and richesSymbolism: Also known as the “Golden Melon”, it stands proudly as a symbol of life’s true treasure – the strong bonds shared by a family, one that transcends all odds.   Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions:Length: 40 mmWidth: 35 mmHeight: 40 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVPUMSG1  
Golden Miniature Pixiu
Golden Miniature Pixiu $248.00
Pixiu, also known as Bixie (辟邪; to ward off spirits) is one of the Chinese mythical hybrid creatures which were considered to be a powerful protector to Feng Shui Practitioners. An influential and auspicious creature that has a voracious appetite towards Gold. It has then always been regarded as a creature that possesses the mystical power of drawing wealth from all directions. Pixiu is said to have the ability to assist anyone that is suffering from bad Feng Shui or going through a bad year that is caused by offending the Grand Duke Jupiter, also known as 生肖犯太岁. Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions:Length: 68 mmWidth: 30 mmHeight: 50 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVPXSGS3
Ryukin Goldfish Namecard Holder (Small)
Ryukin Goldfish Namecard Holder (Small) $150.00
Goldfish are often featured in Chinese paintings to symbolize abundance and regeneration. Because the Chinese pronunciation of fish (yu/鱼) is quite similar to that of abundance (yu/余). a Chinese couplet fondly used in festive greetings is to wish someone continuous and abundant wealth (nian nian you yu/年年有余). Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Palladium Dimensions:Length: 53 mmWidth: 35 mm Height: 40 mm PRODUCT CODE: RDRUKS1G
Prosperous Grain Barrel
Prosperous Grain Barrel $268.00
Vast fertile fields provide us with the food that sustains; as such the grain barrel is a reminder of this blessed abundance. Filled to its brim, this barrel represents an exceptional harvest. A particularly fortunate season of immense returns, an ample reward for the hard work put in. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Copper blackened base Dimensions:Length: 45 mmHeight: 70 mmWidth: 45 mm Product Code: RHGGBMG1
Natural Rose (RG)
Natural Rose (RG) $388.00
Before being immortalised in 18K Rose Gold, each fresh rose is delicately selected for its innate beauty. Its structure carefully preserved for posterity, with each beautiful petal frozen in time. Encapsulated with precious 18K rose Gold, the rose becomes an eternal declaration of love and an ideal gift for the object of your affections. Product Information: Encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold Dimensions:Length: 350 mm PRODUCT CODE: ROSE351A
Zodiac Dog Figurine
Zodiac Dog Figurine $98.00
A steadfast companion through life, the Dog symbolizes loyalty, honesty and kindness. At work, it is wise beyond measure and for loved ones, the Dog represents an exemplary role model. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions: Length: 55 mmDepth: 15 mm Height: 40 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMDO02G
Zodiac Snake Figurine
Zodiac Snake Figurine $98.00
Snake - has both beauty and brains. A wise decision maker but tends to be laid-back. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimension: Length: 65 mmDepth: 40 mmHeight: 15 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMSN02G
Chopsticks with Carp Rest
Chopsticks with Carp Rest $288.00
At harmony in the wilderness or gently swimming in a garden pond, the unassuming carp hides its rich and powerful character. In the wilderness, it fights its way against strong currents - deep within powerful rivers, proving mastery over life itself. The hard work of survival that it endures is complemented by sheer luck; and for centuries, people have revered it as a symbol of fortune and well-being. Households formed through marriage have looked to the humble carp to understand the importance of persistence against adversity.  In addition to the hard work exemplified through the carp, communication plays an important role in balancing the harmony of a household. In all corners of the world, families have bonded over the dinner table, united by a shared meal and an opportunity for conversation. In millions of homes across Asia, a powerful image of family lies within humble chopsticks set on a white tablecloth as the fragrance of food from a kitchen fills the air. As a pair, the chopsticks provide hope towards a better future, a future which will begin after that one good meal. Gilded in the finest 24K Swiss Gold, RISIS presents the Chopsticks with Carp.     Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimensions:Chopsticks Length: 210 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVCSR02M Add a personal touch by having your gift engraved. Contact us for Engraving Services. Additional working days are required.