Embarking on a meaningful journey, RISIS collaborated with young aspiring designers from the Raffles Design Institute, giving them the opportunity to exhibit their craft through designing jewellery collections based on the project’s theme: Celebrating the Beauty of Nature and Cultural Richness in Asia, a reflection of the brand’s core identity.

Passionate in contributing to the society, RISIS hopes to provide these students a creative outlet for their artistic expression and as an opportunity for them to develop their skills and showcase their talent. The brand gained fresh perspectives from these students as they injected originality into their designs, taking RISIS one step closer to its younger consumers.

Wildly beautiful, the Miranda collection’s artisanal design draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the pink fungi “Podoserpula Miranda”. The exquisite species dons in a romantic shade of pink with its multi-tiered silhouette, unveiling elegant, intricate textures. An iconic symbol of all things wonderful, it is cherished for its all-encompassing qualities.

Sprouting across rings, earrings, and necklace, each handcrafted piece is encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold and adorned with shimmering white topaz, beloved for its alluring femininity that makes a sophisticated statement.

Perfect for those who find solace in nature, each piece is conversational and lends imagination and meaning to your style, like a breath of fresh air for any occasion.