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Vanda Limbata Orchid Slider (RG)
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Vanda Limbata Orchid Slider (RG) $136.00 $160.00
A brilliant marriage between the good ol’ classics and modern beauty, Orchid Bliss pays homage to RISIS’ roots by taking our signature Gold orchid and giving it a new spin. Delicately plated in rose Gold, the Orchid Bliss collection sees these natural orchids being transformed into chic jewellery pieces. Made of real orchid; you can be sure that each piece you own is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are the same.     Product information: Natural Vanda Limbata orchid Encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold Dimensions: Chain Length: 1000 mmLength: 35 mmWidth: 35 mm   PRODUCT CODE: RGVS2SCA   Our RISIS Sliders feature 6 Different Styles Of Wearing: