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Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Ring
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Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Ring $85.00 $100.00
The VMJ is the oldest natural hybrid of Singapore and is named after an Armenian lady who found this orchid in her garden. It was first registered and described in 1893 by Mr H. N. Ridley, then the Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On 15 April 1981, the Vanda Miss Joaquim was made the national flower of Singapore. It was selected for its beauty, resilience and its year-round blooming quality. A hybrid of Vanda hookeriana x Vanda teres, the Vanda Miss Joaquim is a hardy climbing plant that blooms freely throughout the year. The large flowers have a lovely mix of purple shades with sparkling tinges of orange, yellow and a dash of spotted crimson. The RISIS Vanda Miss Joaquim Creation captures the natural beauty and essence of the original Vanda Miss Joaquim to perfection. Product Information:Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size (US): 5.5 - 7.5 PRODUCT CODE: R8VMJ6B1
Floral Ring Band Ring
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Floral Ring Band Ring $66.30 $78.00
The Floral Ring band collection draws inspiration from the humble orchid having 6 to 8 petite stylised Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid placed together to form each piece. Product Information:925 Silver Encapsulated in Rhodium Dimensions:Size (US): 5 PRODUCT CODE: R8FRB5U1
Dawn Ring With Rose Quartz
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Dawn Ring With Rose Quartz $136.00 $160.00
Usher in spring with the beautiful Dawn collection by RISIS. Each natural morning glory leaf is exquisitely encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold adorned with rose quartz, also known as the stone which symbolizes unconditional love. Each unique piece accentuates the soft contours of its designs and exudes ethereal charm that channels feminine glamour to any look, making it a MUST HAVE collection to own. Product Information:Natural Morning Glory Leaf Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Rose Quartz Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size (US): 6 - 7Rose Quartz: 8mm PRODUCT CODE: R8MGX6G1