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Northern Prince Eagle
Northern Prince Eagle $1,858
The regal Golden Eagle readies its powerful claws for the hunt, with the wind rushing against broad wings. Soaring high in the clear blue skies across the vast valleys, the Northern Prince stands as a proud symbol of power and Golden majesty. A detailed figurine of the Golden Eagle with water wave base encapsulated in Palladium. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Palladium Dimensions:Length: 295 mmWidth: 180 mm Height: 205 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVEGLMG1  
Soar Eagle on Palladium Base (G)
Soar Eagle on Palladium Base (G) $5,970
Soaring above mountain tops and deep canyons, the Eagle's broad wings spread across a blue sky. Inspired from far below, RISIS presents Soar, our take on a bird of prey that embodies magnificent freedom.     Product Information:Resin encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold on Palladium base Dimensions:Length: 340 mmHeight (Base to wing tip): 370 mmWidth (Wing tip to wing tip): 340 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVEGLXG3