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Timeless Peranakan Bracelet with White Topaz
Timeless Peranakan Bracelet with White Topaz $224
Inspired by the intricacy and details of the Peranakan tiles, the Peranakan collection celebrates the artistic expression of this rich heritage. The tiles were once employed as outward symbols of wealth and prosperity and the designs were influenced by cultures from Europe and later Japan. Natural gemstones, such as garnet, white topaz, blue topaz, and amethyst are specially selected and color-matched by our jewellery artisans for this collection. Crafted in solid 925 Sterling Silver and encapsulated in 18K Gold, these jewellery items are given a modern twist by the high-polished finish.     Product information: 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold with Natural White Topaz Dimensions: Bracelet Length: 170 mmLength: 12 mmWidth: 12 mm   PRODUCT CODE: R1PERSG1  
Orchid Meadows Bracelet with Jade and Pearl
Orchid Meadows Bracelet with Jade and Pearl $364
Expressing the beauty of nature in full glory, RISIS Orchid Meadows collection exudes fresh and contemporary designs. Featuring 2 highly prized gemstones re-imagined, Type A Burmese Jadeites and luminous Freshwater Pearls as they take centre stage. Each cascading jewellery overflows with symbolism, while both jadeite and pearls evoke purity and harmony. Injecting versatility, these conversational pieces incorporate a playful twist ranging from the asymmetrical necklace to the overarching trend of the mismatched earrings. Masterfully encapsulated in luxurious 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, each piece is a show-stopping creation that allows you to stand out from the crowd! Made of real orchid; you can be sure that each piece you own is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are the same. Product Information:Natural Ascocenda Sagarik Gold Orchid Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, with Grade A Jade and Fresh Water PearlDimensions:Bracelet Length: 190 mmFlower Length: 22 mmFlower Width: 18 mm PRODUCT CODE: R1AS1JB1
Bamboo Twist Bracelet with White Sapphires
Bamboo Twist Bracelet with White Sapphires $234
Revealing the elegance of oriental nature, Bamboo symbolizes strength and virtue. RISIS has designed an exclusive collection, using bamboo as the highlight to symbolize every woman’s graceful resilience, injecting a sophisticated update to a jewellery classic. Embodying a modern twist, the collection transcends oriental associations for their timeless allure while each item has been deliberately designed into an infinite loop representing eternal love. Skillfully hand-crafted in solid 925 Sterling Silver, and encapsulated in bi-colour precious 18k Gold and Rhodium, each piece is gracefully accented with precious White Sapphire gemstones.  Own a stunning piece of nature with this timeless essential for a luxe touch to your daily ensemble.      Product Information: 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium with White Sapphires Dimensions: Bracelet Length: 190 mmLength: 17 mmWidth: 16 mm   PRODUCT CODE: R1BTCSB1
Lotus Heart Saga Seed Bracelet
Lotus Heart Saga Seed Bracelet $215
Saga seeds are a representation of love and unity, evoking sweet memories of simple love. This collection is delicately handcrafted jewellery featuring stylized lotus patterns on the metalwork combined with love seeds and genuine White Topaz gemstones. Playing with metaphor of lotus as the symbol of re-birth combined with natural saga seed symbolizes love. Each piece in this collection is unique and act as precious gifts that are great reminders to showcase your love to the ones dear to you. Product Information: Natural Saga Seed, 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Swiss Gold with White Topaz Dimensions:Chain Length: 190 mmLength: 15 mmWidth: 16 mm   PRODUCT CODE: R1ELSSG1  
Lotus Satori Bracelet with Rose Quartz
Lotus Satori Bracelet with Rose Quartz $215
The graceful lotus flower emerges from the murky waters, shedding its seeds and at the same time surfaces into an elegant bloom. Accented with unfolding petals, these versatile pieces have 2 ways of wearing and is crowned with a faceted Rose Quartz gemstone, serving as a daily reminder of love and hope. Product Information:925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium with Rose Quartz Dimensions:Chain Length: 190 mmWidth: 24 mmHeight: 18 mmRose Quartz Approx: 0.22 CT PRODUCT CODE: R1LSRSB1