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Orchid Meadows Earrings with Jade and Pearl
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Orchid Meadows Earrings with Jade and Pearl $328.97 $373.83
Expressing the beauty of nature in full glory, RISIS Orchid Meadows collection exudes fresh and contemporary designs. Featuring 2 highly prized gemstones re-imagined, Type A Burmese Jadeites and luminous Freshwater Pearls as they take centre stage. Each cascading jewellery overflows with symbolism, while both jadeite and pearls evoke purity and harmony. Injecting versatility, these conversational pieces incorporate a playful twist ranging from the asymmetrical necklace to the overarching trend of the mismatched earrings. Masterfully encapsulated in luxurious 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, each piece is a show-stopping creation that allows you to stand out from the crowd! Made of real orchid; you can be sure that each piece you own is uniquely made by nature and no two pieces are the same. Product Information:Natural Ascocenda Sagarik Gold Orchid Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, with Grade A Jade and Fresh Water PearlDimensions:Earring Length: 63 mmFlower Length: 22 mmFlower Width: 18 mm PRODUCT CODE: R5AS1JB1