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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do! We are committed in making a positive impact to the environment and recognize this responsibility as we align our business strategies and sustainability efforts. From our production facilities to what goes into making of our pieces, we engage in long term environmental practices that ensure the well-being of our customers and employees.


Our production facilities are fully equipped with advanced environmental technology which addresses all forms of likely pollution from the production processes to ensure minimal impact to the environment. We believe that sustainability is larger than operating responsibly as we want to lead this change to support communities in making a positive impact to the world.

Did you know?

Our wastewater treatment system effectively treats wastewater from all production activities including raw water, ensuring zero pollution to the public water system.
Our systems manage air pollution by treating all harmful gases and pollutants.
We have obtained qualified and licensed operators for any treatment of waste from our premises.


We are a strong believer of conscious consumption and our pieces should allow every consumer feel and look good inside out. Transparency is key to how we operate, and we have strived to maximize our recycling practices through our adopted processes, including the types of materials we used.


Upholding the quality of fine craftmanship alongside with strong, sustainable practices have always been a part of RISIS core belief. We emphasize on practicing mindfulness while upkeeping our aesthetic appeal to offer quality pieces that can stand the test of time for long-term enjoyment.