Product Care Guide

RISIS selects the highest quality materials to create your pieces, and we go over and beyond to ensure that each handcrafted piece is perfect from manufacturing to packaging. With proper care and maintenance, they are bound to retain its beauty and character for years to come.


Clean your jewellery regularly to maintain its shine. A quick tip to care for jewellery would be to wipe your jewellery with a lint free cloth after use.

Keep them dry! Avoid exercising or showering with your jewellery on to prevent tarnishing overtime.

It is best to avoid wearing your precious jewellery while performing certain activities that make you perspire excessively. Getting them in touch with moisture causes you to rub the jewellery against many surfaces.

Never use chemicals to clean your jewellery. Avoid exposure from perfumes, cosmetics, and direct sunlight. Makeup routine should end before putting on jewellery as perfumes and creams may ruin them.

For our Type A Jadeite jewellery, the natural jade is in its rarest form that is free from chemical treatments, retaining its natural colour and vivid lustre. As our jade pieces come with metalwork, be mindful to keep them away from water and moisture. Use a soft brush to gently clean after each use, followed by a lint-free cloth to gently wipe away body oils, dirt, and perspiration, keeping the jade dry and smooth. A little loving care goes a long way, do treat your jewellery tenderly to protect them from any scratches and impact against hard surfaces.

Air, moisture, and sunlight can damage your jewellery. Protect them by storing each piece individually in a cloth pouch or enclosed box to preserve its shine while it also prevents tangling and scratches.

Humidity can play a big factor. Simply place a piece of chalk or a bag of silica gel into your storage boxes to keep your jewellery safe and dry.

Home & Lifestyle

For decor and lifestyle products, do ensure that the pieces are cleaned with a lint free cloth regularly.

For decor and lifestyle products, do ensure that the pieces are placed in a cool, dry place.