Our Craftsmanship

Making of the RISIS Zodiac Collection


We start with a pencil and a cup of tea, in the search for an eloquent expression of a humble idea. Conversations will allow us to understand your needs at the deepest levels in the quest to express your ideas.


Modelling the piece in 3D software, we then print it out using our rapid prototyping machine. Presented to the client, we then make further modifications either by hand, or to the digital model.


Large cavities called moulds are created from the initial prototype. Depending on the piece, we then choose the appropriate base material that will underpin all the pieces that will emerge from the production process.


Each casted piece is then finished by hand. Experienced eyes watch light fall over the surface, and use hand tools to achieve the finish that sets the stage for the gold that will flow seamlessly over it.


Art finally meets science, as each piece is submerged in our advanced chemistry. Known inside Risis as ‘the secret sauce’, this formulation of our 24K gold is unique to the company and made inhouse.


The gold flares to life under a buffing wheel, illuminating the craftsman who gently shines it. After a coat of protective lacquer, the piece is gently packed and sent to our customers around the world.

More about our RISIS artisan heritage: