Representing diverse beauty and strength, RISIS invites six female personalities, who are leaders in their field to share their hopes and stories, in a never-done-before campaign as Singapore celebrates its 52nd year of independence.

From design to fashion, education to music, and television, as well as social media, much like Singapore’s overall growth, these mentioned industries, have grown from strength-to-strength. And while each industry has cultivated its own pool of champions and pace setters, the six ladies whom RISIS is proud to work with are not only considered leaders within their respective fields but each tells a story of independence, resilience and success.

Coming from various racial backgrounds with diverse portfolios, the ladies are, Aarika Lee, Adlina Anis, Anita Kapoor, Charmaine Seah, Ginetter Chittick and Nellie Lim. Young, talented and ambitious, these ladies represent the current faces of Singapore who are positive testaments to how far our nation has come since 1965.

The ladies were styled with various coveted pieces from RISIS and taking centre stage, is RISIS’ latest collection of statement necklaces, entitled Orchid Rhapsody. Photographed by young Singaporean female-photographer, Sharon Leisinger, this campaign is made even more significant as the “Duaghters of Singapore” notion is emphasised furthr with these ladies coming together as a group.

A three piece collection, each necklace from the Orchid Rhapsody collection is made up of the Renantanda orchid blooms plated in various precious metals (rose gold, palladium and 24K gold). Native to the Southeast Asian region, each orchid was selected for its own unique shape and then carefully plated. Prices for this collection start from SGD 419 to SGD 499.


"I am a mother, musician and entrepreneur. I believe in living life with more heart than mind, and that every choice we face is an opportunity to affect.

The future if music in Singapore is looking bright. We've come such a long way and I think the next generation of musicians coming up are going to do great things. They are incredibly prolific and resourceful. I hope they continue to dream big and work hard, support each other and keep the spirit of collaboration going."

Aarika on the future of Singapore's music scene.


"I am a highly driven individual who constantly goes against the grain of expectations and loves a challenge. On the interior though, I wear my heart on my sleeves and am deeply compasionate person.

Fashion to me is about being able to showcase your best possible self in any environment. It should always leave you feeling confident and self-assured. Moving forward, I hope to see a more inclusive fashion scene that brings people from all cultures together and truly be a melting pot of ideas, styles and art. Just like what Singapore is, for everyone."

Adlina on her thoughts on Singapore's fashion scene and where it is going to in the future.


"I am the Programme Leader for the Diploma in Fashion at LaSalle College of the Arts, yet, I've never really stopped being a punk rocker and I still subscribe to the DIY ethic. It informs many of my creative processes and helped me be the trans-disciplinarian I am today.

I hope in the future, that we focus more on the process of learning than the results. And with my daughter, what I will tell her on the first day of school is, I's ok if you're feeling scared or unsure. At the end of the day, I'll be right here to give you a big hug and a kiss. Then the next day, we try again."

Ginette's hopes for the education scene in the future


Charmaine Seah is the co-founder of Elementary Co, a branding and marketing agency she started four years ago with her husband, brother and best friend. A mother to a feisty 2.5 year old girl, Charlie Rose and with another little girl on the way, Charmaine prioritizes family above everything else and counts herself lucky to be able to do the things she loves, with the people she loves, day in and day out. 

"Ï hope that the creative minds of Singapore will strive towards carving out their own identity, instead of feeling the need to replicate what is globally accepted or popular. That the support they receive back home will continue to grow and that there will be a deeper appreciation of our local talents vs international brand names."

Charmaine on the creative scene in Singapore


Independent, beautiful and fiercely opinionated, Anita represents herself and is always on the go, keeping herself busy with hosting events or traval shows on ChannelNews Asia. When not doing those, she can be seen fronting documentaries of topics that touch the lives of Singaporeans and recently, she delved into geriatric care and personally experienced what our old folks go through in homes. 


If only one could be used to describe Nellie Lim, it would be toss between savvy and stylish, because she is highly regarded for both. A popular face within Singapore's social media scene, her influence extents to not just within digital realm as brands, as well as hotels and restaurants have sought her style sense to create sharper aesthetic feel.