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Mr Kam

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

Few have the honour to say that they have witnessed the birth and continuous growth of RISIS. Mr Kam Chong Phoh is one of the rare few who can, and is proud to have had made many memories with RISIS over the last four decades.

From Job to Passion - Roziah Rahim

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

For most, moving up means moving on, but not for Roziah Rahim, better known as Kak Roz to all her colleagues. Having been with RISIS for 27 years, her contagious enthusiasm for RISIS has been winning over loyal customers and colleagues alike.

A Parisian Love Story - Valérie Lavault

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

Touching lives far beyond our shores has been, in part, thanks to friends of RISIS like Frenchwoman Valérie Lavault, a veteran retailer of RISIS products in Europe. Her mother was a friend of Mr David Marshall, the first Chief Minister of Singapore and Singapore’s ambassador to France. In early years, Valerie brought RISIS products to BIJORHCA PARIS, an international trade show in France, shining the spotlight on the brand’s famed orchid jewellery.

Heirloom Gifts Of Love - Louise Heffernan

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

Often muted by the perforation of mass production is the unique quality of inheriting items imbued not only with monetary worth, but which also carry a trove of tales personal to one’s ancestors. The modern-day heirloom Louise Heffernan received, redolent of Asian culture and craftsmanship, holds a wealth of treasured memories. 

An Everlasting Gift Of Gratitude - Li Xiuling

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

A simple yet thoughtful gift may remain appreciated for years, epitomising better than any words could, a tangible symbol of a treasured relationship. Years after receiving this two-toned delicate pendant, JL Lin continues to keep the cherished gift in its original box, fondly regarding the handpicked token as a sincere gesture of appreciation typifying a wealth of memories.

A Tapestry of RISIS Memories

Posted on in Tapestry by RISIS

The story behind your RISIS heirloom - RISIS is the common thread that, with each gift, weaves a tapestry of cherished memories and live-changing milestones. Here are just a few handpicked stories.

RISIS 40th Anniversary

Posted on in Blog by RISIS

“It all started from a small gesture of love and it has blossomed over the last 40 years.”

Join us at our retrospective exhibition from 4 Aug till 17 Aug 2016 as we celebrate a milestone, our 40th year in creating gifts and jewellery encapsulated in precious gold. See you at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Atrium anytime between 10am to 10pm.

4 points to select Natural Orchid to be plated in 24K gold

Posted on in Blog by RISIS

The RISIS gold plated natural orchid that you are going to have is the one and only piece in the whole universe. We are not exaggerating. How many Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef or Mount Everest can you find? Mother Nature only creates only one of everything, of course occasionally with the exception of twins and triplets.

Selecting the right orchid is of paramount importance to us. Only 1 out of 5 orchid flowers makes it through the grueling selection and receives the stamp of approval for gold-plating. Yes, we are that serious and obsess with our Orchid. We take pride in our Orchids and will be unveiling how serious we examine and select our Orchids for gold-plating.

A welcome note from the team at RISIS

Posted on in Blog by RISIS

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we thought that starting this blog would be a great way to share the colourful heritage and rich stories behind our brand.  

We hope to give you a little peek into the world of RISIS through this blog, and we look forward to sharing with you the vibrant history and heritage behind RISIS.

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