The RISIS Golden Wealth Collection consists of real eggshells plated in 24K gold. These gold-plated eggs require expert precision and skill to produce, which is why they are always produced in limited quantities.

Specially created by RISIS, these auspicious eggs make for perfect gifts and are intended to bring well wishes to its recipient.

On many occasions, these unique gifts are given as wedding gifts to wish the couple eternal happiness, continuity and regeneration in their marriage.

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24K Gold-Plated Natural Chicken Egg w Motif - Shun

Product code: RAMSHG1G
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Natural chicken egg with Shun (順) calligraphy plated in 24K gold. Glossy Chinese character against matte surface of the egg.

Meaning: In a way that is without difficulties; Happy, Joyful.

In Chinese culture, the Carp fish symbolises prosperity. To wish someone improvement in life, and a smooth progression in one’s career. (鲤鱼跃龙门 =生活的质变飞跃、平步青云顺顺利利)

Comes with a stand.

L 4 x D 4 x H 6.5 cm

To preserve the original quality of product, ensure that the pieces are placed in a cool, dry place and cleaned with a gentle cloth regularly. Please avoid using any abrasive polish to clean the items. For jewellery care, keep it clean with a mixture of mild detergent and a little water. Rinse it well and dry thoroughly. You may choose to also clean it with a polishing cloth. Do not use liquid jewellery dips, as the chemicals may cause the plating to wear off more quickly.

Shipping Weight (KG) 0.3500

In stock

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