It's written in the stars! RISIS recreates the twelve star signs of the Zodiac in detailed and opulent figurines. Whether it's a gift for yourself or a personalised decoration for the home, put your astrological mark in the spotlight.

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  1. Fortune of Harmony
    New Collection

    Fortune of Harmony

    Harmony beckons fortune, and prosperity is achieved through joint and concerted effort. Fortune of Harmony brings a message of harmonious beckoning of wealth and prosperity through family and team spirit. Three pigs support the continuous representation of wealth symbolised by the Four-tunes of Happiness pigs, reaching great heights as they lift a multi-coloured Liu Li ball into a cloud of Chinese character "吉” representing good luck and fortune. This intricately designed sculpture is made up of three separate parts and can be displayed in three different ways. Fortune of Harmony symbolises the building of wealth and prosperity through collective effort. It is an auspicious gift that stacks fortune in your favour for the coming year.  Product Information: Material: Pewter / Liu Li Ball, 24K Gold Plating Size: 180 x 110 x 260 mm (LxWxH) Weight: 3.1kg Learn More
  2. Four-tunes of Happiness
    New Collection

    Four-tunes of Happiness

    Four-tunes of Happiness ingeniously unveils a veritable treasure of surprises. A quick glance reveals two joyous pigs holding a gold ingot and a money bag surrounding the traditional coin of wealth. The sculpture can be displayed on all its four sides representing continuous wealth. Creative sculpting has created the visual effect of four pigs in different positions, each holding a memento of wealth, symbolising great fortune and prosperity throughout the four seasons in different directions. Inspired by the legend of the four happiness doll that was commissioned by an emperor and the popular auspicious items used in weddings, Four-tunes of Happiness is a wondrous gift that brilliantly celebrates happiness and prosperity. Total Nett Wt: 1.08 kg Total Dimensions: 115 x 120 x 50 mm (L x H x W) Learn More
  3. Harvest
    Limited Edition & New


    A jubilant pig revels in an abundant harvest, basking atop a bed of golden wheat strewn across an amber-coloured Liu Li base of underlying wealth coins. From the intricate weavings of each stalk of gold-plated real wheat to the elaborate carvings on the base, Harvest is an opulent sculpture that showcases a wealth of detail within its splendid proportions. A paean to supreme craftsmanship, Harvest communicates peace, stability and prosperity with the utmost artistry. Limited to 188 pieces worldwide. Product Information: Material: Pewter, Liu Li Base, Natural Wheat, 24K Swiss Gold Plating Size: 305MM (L) x 230MM (H) x 160MM (W) Weight: 9.46KG Learn More
  4. Pig - Happy Goal Lucky
    New Collection

    Pig - Happy Goal Lucky

    A joyous little piglet holds a movable tablet with the Chinese character for “Fortune” (福) on it. Reminiscent of the familiar stance of the Japanese fortune cat, Maneki Neko, its raised trotter invites good fortune and luck, welcoming prosperity and happiness. The tablet is movable, symbolising the welcoming motion of one’s fortune from any direction. Happy Goal Lucky makes an intricate sculpture that attracts wealth, luck and joy in the most pleasing of manners.
    Total Nett Wt: 0.39 kg
    Total Dimensions: 84 x 58 x 40 mm (L x H x W)
    福 Plaque: 1 pc Learn More
  5. Zodiac Pig Sculpture

    Zodiac Pig Sculpture

    A symbol of fortune and wealth, the Pig is accompanied by the Chinese character FU or luck at all time. An auspicious addition to any home or living space, this piece sends wishes for a prosperous and smooth-sailing year ahead. Dimension: L 25 x D 6.5 x H 14.5 cm Learn More
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