As one of the oldest symbols of peace, the Lotus is renowned across ancient cultures for being the embodiment of tranquility. Unique for its ability to bloom in the muddiest waters the Lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. Its vivid colors, exquisite fragrance and eminent size add to its gentle beauty.

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You're reviewing: 24K Gold-Plated Natural Chicken Egg W Lotus Flower and Leaf

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24K Gold-Plated Natural Chicken Egg W Lotus Flower and Leaf

Product code: RAMLO11G
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The Lotus is also known as “lianhua” (莲花) or “hehua” (荷花) in the Chinese language. Lian is also the pronunciation of the word continuous (连) and “he” is also the pronunciation for the word harmony (和). Hence, the Lotus has the hidden meaning of "continuous harmony" scripted in Chinese calligraphy.

When a Lotus pod and stem are placed together, it symbolizes marital harmony.

Lotus seeds “lianzi” (莲籽) are symbolic of "continuous birth of children" because “lian” sounds like "continuous" (连) and “zi” shares the same pronunciation as the word for son or child “zi” (子).

Comes with a stand.

L 4 x D 4 x H 6.5 cm

To preserve the original quality of product, ensure that the pieces are placed in a cool, dry place and cleaned with a gentle cloth regularly. Please avoid using any abrasive polish to clean the items. For jewellery care, keep it clean with a mixture of mild detergent and a little water. Rinse it well and dry thoroughly. You may choose to also clean it with a polishing cloth. Do not use liquid jewellery dips, as the chemicals may cause the plating to wear off more quickly.

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