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Impeccable craftsmanship for the modern man. Show him how much he means to you.
Immortalised At Best Blooms
A one-of-a-kind proprietary technology that defines our identity, each piece is a testament to the beauty and ingenuity of nature.
Phalaenopsis Moments

A gift of sentiment and style, RISIS Phalaenopsis Moments is a monochromatic collection that defies tradition with contemporary jewellery that embraces asymmetry and a twist of opulence, for an added visual interest. 

Orchid Spiral

The collection emphasises on style and versatility, spanning from a comfort fit bangle and an adjustable ring to earrings with multiple ways of wearing, each accented with sparkling faceted Citrine, a gemstone of wealth, abundance, and positivity. A beauty to behold, the bangle features a natural Vanda Limbata Orchid, expressing individuality and delicately encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, preserving nature’s finest quality.

20% Off Zodiac Allies - Ox, Snake & Rooster

Zodiac allies are astrological signs that are believed to complement and support one another. Having all three of your zodiac allies present is thought to provide additional strength and guidance during difficult times

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A Vow for Eternity

Eternalize your love with our timeless jewellery made from real flowers immortalised in gold


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