Highlights of 2022


In the Spotlight: Media Features and Highlights

Infusing adventure and meaning into everyday styles with contemporary jewellery for women, RISIS has well evolved into becoming more than just gifts of nature. It has truly been an eventful year for RISIS while it was a pivotal year of transformation. We are thankful and honoured to be featured by the press, on multiple prints and online media publications.



Let’s look back on some of the highlights, achievements, and key milestones that the brand has unlocked in the Year of 2022.

Designing a Sustainable Necklace For SNOW Gala Event 2022 – Mar 2022

In collaboration with the graduating student from Raffles Design Institute, RISIS exclusively produced the Eco Bloom necklace and sponsored for the SNOW Gala 2022 - Beacons of Light auction.

RISIS has sustainably repurposed unused blooms into an empowering piece of jewellery for women, handcrafted with love and designed to last. Featuring 6 eco blooms in 5 different Orchid species, we wanted to design a piece that mirrors a woman’s versatility, while each orchid is detachable and can be doubled up as brooch, presenting 8 different ways of styling that can suit every occasion. We were also honoured to have been given the opportunity to design exclusive brooches for President, Halimah Yacob, Minister of State, Song Xue Ling and Georgette Tan, President of United Women Singapore.

Stepping into Seasonal Launches - Apr 2022

RISIS re-looked its product development strategy and delved into seasonal trends, releasing collections in line with the fashion seasons to enhance brand relevance.

Before hitting the reset button, we have been gradually releasing younger and daintier designs since 2021, including the likes of Midori and Enchanted Jasmine collection, slowly transitioning into a new brand identity before our first seasonal Spring Summer 2022 launch – Botanique Collection.


RISIS Enchanted Jasmine collection, as featured on ELLE

RISIS Debuts New Brand Identity - Apr 2022

RISIS formally debuts a new brand identity through a brand transformation campaign – RISIS Remix, turning a new chapter with updated contemporary jewellery and objects that complement everyday styles of Singaporean women and women from around the world.

We changed the brand logo, packaging, and updated our corporate font and colours to welcome a young and refreshed identity. To strengthen our sustainability efforts, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) packaging was also adopted. In initiation of its new direction, RISIS introduced a capsule collection that breathes new life into the Iconic Orchids Collections created in partnership with 4 local designers – Lai Chan, Ling Wu, Elyn from Stolen and Sylvia from Triologie.


RISIS has a new look, as featured on Harper’s Bazaar


 RISIS in collaboration with 4 local designers, as featured on Lian He Zao Bao

Reinterpreting the Iconic Orchids Collections, as featured on Tatler


RISIS Iconic Orchids and Botanique Collection, as featured on NUYOU


Homegrown brand, RISIS reinvents itself, as featured on Yahoo! Life

risis-makeover-featured-on-straits-times-lifeRISIS gets a makeover, as featured on Straits Times Life

risis-x-stolen-iconic-jewellery-featured-on-solitaire-magazineRISIS X STOLEN Iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim, as featured on Solitaire Magazine


RISIS CEO, Verene Ng steers the company towards a strategic transformation of the brand - A Brand New Chapter Unveiled


RISIS captures a new generation of audience, as featured on Straits Times Life


risis-ceo-takes-on-the-brand-during-the-pandemic-tatlerVerene Ng, RISIS CEO takes on the brand during the pandemic, as featured on Tatler

risis-singapore-stories-featured-on-portfolio-magazineSingapore Stories: Verene Ng, RISIS CEO, as featured on Portfolio Magazine


RISIS First Couple Wedding Rings Bespoke Project – August 2022

In 2022, we further ramp up our Bespoke services efforts while it was RISIS’ first time creating a pair of couple wedding rings. We enjoyed having that personal connection with our customers, and to be part of their journey of creating something together truly unique from scratch. Find out more about our bespoke journey here.

risis-singapore-stories-featured-on-portfolio-magazineBespoke wedding rings designed for couple, Ihsan & Nursorfina


Keep a lookout on this space as we have many more exciting plans for the brand, ready to be uncovered in the upcoming months ahead.


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