RISIS X Made With Passion


As advocates of turning possibilities into reality, we believe that passion is what unites us.

In this collaboration with Made With Passion Singapore, we embark on a journey of celebrating being part of a curated list of local Singaporean brands that follow, grow, and live their passions.

Crafting Singaporean Heritage Jewellery with Passion

RISIS x Made with Passion

Passion is the very cornerstone of RISIS’ story of Singapore heritage jewellery. Growing from a delicate bloom immortalised in gold, the RISIS repertoire of artistic pieces results from modern design, traditional methods, and technical know-how mastered over time, driven by a passion for the intricate craft.


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The Made With Passion Singapore initiative aims at promoting consumer awareness and appreciation for Singaporean lifestyle brands.

The RISIS Story

Passion is staying true to our core values and delivering on our commitments to our customers. RISIS was born out of a compelling story, built on a dream to create iconic gifts that capture everlasting memories. We firmly believe that passion never goes out of style, and it starts from home. RISIS celebrates the exceptional Singapore spirit with meaningful storytelling through our crafts.


“Passion never goes out of style, and it starts from home. As the initiative seeks to reignite passion with local brands, we resonate in celebrating the exceptional Singapore spirit with meaningful storytelling through our crafts.” – RISIS CEO, Verene Ng


We believe that Singapore is a place made possible through unity, passion, and harmony. This initiative is a perfect time to share our exquisite Singaporean heritage jewellery with the world through our uniquely hand-crafted collections. The RISIS’ signature 24K Swiss Gold encapsulated natural orchid jewellery is a marvel to behold, made possible with scientific breakthroughs and natural beauty. An eloquent expression with a modern touch, the beauty lies in the fine details of every piece, from the art to the final touches.

Crafting Singaporean Heritage Jewellery: The Process

Crafting Singaporean heritage jewellery is our forte, and we have always epitomised the Singapore spirit of excellence, quality and innovation. In crafting our natural collection, no stone was left unturned, with an unyielding commitment to quality. 

RSIS Natural Orchid Gold Plating Process 1

The freshest orchids are handpicked, and preserved with a delicate layer of copper, followed by careful copper plating and 24K Swiss Gold plating, resulting in a unique and natural work of art. 

 RISIS Natural Orchid Gold Plating Process 2

Each piece is finished by hand, to achieve the finish that sets the stage for the gold that will flow seamlessly over it. 

 RISIS Natural Orchid Gold Plating Process 3

Submerged in advanced chemistry as art meets science - the formulation of our 24K Swiss Gold encapsulated natural orchid jewellery is unique to the house of RISIS. In the final act of fine polishing, the gold flares to life under a buffing wheel, illuminating the craftsman who gently shines it. 

 RISIS Natural Orchid Gold Plating Completion

After a coat of protective lacquer, the piece is gently packed and sent to our customers across the globe. 


Singaporean Heritage Jewellery

Saga Seed Jewellery

Saga seeds are associated with love and romance, symbolizing the seeds of love planted right from the very beginning. Our saga seed collection infuses nature with graceful intricacy with fine details embellishing the exotic saga seed.

saga seed collection saga seed necklace on model

Saga Seed Jewellery

Scarlet Symphony with Red Agate

Specially designed to capture the essence of nature, agate stones represent a protective and grounding influence, rooted in symmetrical beauty.

RISIS Scarlet Symphony Pendant
Scarlet Symphony Orchid Jewellery Collection

Scarlet Symphony

Red Garnet Jewellery

Garnet is associated with love, friendship, and vitality. Inspired by the Peranakan Motif design, our red garnet jewellery adds a modern twist with a highly polished finish.

Peranakan Jewellery with Red Garnet Ring on Model
Peranakan Jewellery with Red Garnet Ring

Peranakan Jewellery with Red Garnet

Whichever piece you choose, you can be sure that our Singapore heritage jewellery pieces are a choice gift for loved ones and treasured business associates.

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RISIS x Made with Passion Singapore 

As a tribute to Singapore’s heritage and a commitment to nurturing our talents from the ground up, RISIS will be carrying the Made with Passion brand mark. Found on selected Singaporean brands’ products, packaging, and stores, as a symbol of passion, it is a mark of recognition that celebrates their fervour and dedication.

Our Singapore heritage jewellery makes up the rich tapestry of Singapore and its unique culture. Together, our local lifestyle brands put forth different expressions of passion that make Singapore the colourful and dynamic society that it is.

Be it a love for experimentation, a commitment to tradition, or a drive to innovation, passion is what fuels and unites us. Designed by Nature and perfected with a modern finish, RISIS Singapore heritage jewellery will stand the test of time for generations to come.

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