Romantic Rose & Saga Seed Jewellery to Gift this Valentine’s Day


Across countries, tribes, and cultures, love is expressed in unique and different ways. In South Africa, women pin the names of their crushes on their sleeves. In Italy, lovers exchange Baci Perugina - small, chocolate-covered hazelnuts with romantic quotes printed on the wrapper. In Japan, women present men with chocolates and flowers.

Yet for all these differences, one thing remains the same: the gift of giving - with saga seeds (in some Asian cultures) and roses being one of the most common symbols of love. In this article, we’ll share some truly unique rose and saga seed jewellery to gift this Valentine's Day.

Saga Seed - A Love for the Ages

The red seeds of the Saga (Adenanthera pavonina) tree have become a global symbol of love, nostalgia, and longing. Their blood-red colour, as time goes by, continues to deepen, inspiring a tradition of romantic gestures. In mandarin, saga seeds are called 相思豆 (xiang si dou) which in literal terms means "mutual love beans”. In many Asian cultures, lovers present saga seeds to their partners to express love and affection. This, together with their blood-red hue, a common allegory for deep emotions, makes them the perfect centrepiece for a romantic gesture. 

3 Saga Seed Jewellery Pieces to Show Your Affection this Valentine’s Day

lotus heart saga seed necklace

 Lotus Heart Saga Seed Necklace

A delicate lattice crafted in 925 silver and encapsulated in 24K Gold encircles a natural saga seed in a protective embrace illustrating a love that is to be forever cherished. 


Love Knot Saga Seed Necklace

Love Knot Saga Seed Necklace

In the Love Knot Saga Seed necklace, a vibrant natural red saga seed is held in place by an exquisitely handcrafted necklace encapsulated in 24K Gold.

Roses - The Flower of Love

In the long history of the human race, we’ve taken on symbols to represent strong beliefs or concepts. Doves for peace and tranquillity; skulls for dread and dismay; phoenixes for rebirth and renewal; and (crucially for this romantic season) roses for love and romance. 

For centuries, roses have been associated with passion and deep intimacy. According to the Greek poet Anacreon, red roses were created from the blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Chinese folklore, The Legend of the Blue Rose, associates blue roses with a love that conquers all. Many other traditions across the globe embrace roses as a symbol of adoration. So this Valentine’s Day, showcase affection with rose jewellery as an immortal expression of your love.

3 Romantic Rose Jewellery Pieces that Speak of Love

Rose Petals Earrings with Pearl

Rose Petals Earrings with Pearl

Natural fresh rose petals encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Fresh Water Pearls signify love and purity. Two of nature's most ideal personifications of beauty converge in a symphony of grace and elegance.

Rose Petal Ring with Pearl

Rose Petal Ring with Pearl

What better way to display affection than with a fresh water pearl languishing atop a delicate rose petal encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold. 

Love Petals Earring

Love Petals Earrings

Amethyst stones and natural fresh petals encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold to serve as the quintessential token of love. Accented with Amethyst which symbolises tranquility and royalty. 

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Each of the pieces we have so far presented echoes that spirit and will no doubt stir warm feelings in the heart of your beloved. For more inspired tokens of love and affection, be sure to check out our jewellery collection. We have a variety of options to suit different needs and tastes from oriental exclusives all the way to sophisticated contemporary designs to make this Valentine's Day truly memorable.