Iconic Orchids Collections

More than just gifts of nature, RISIS’ Orchids signify style and character of the contemporary woman. Initiating their new direction, RISIS introduces a capsule collection that breathes new life into the Iconic Orchids Collections created in partnership with 4 local fashion designers. Each RISIS Natural Orchid Jewellery is re-imagined to symbolise the faceted personality and style profiles of women in Singapore and around the world. The Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid embodies the spirit of creativity and adventure, the Vanda Limbata Orchid radiates sophistication, the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid exalts femininity, while the Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid exudes glamour.

Inspired by the four RISIS Orchid personalities, the RISIS’ Iconic Orchids capsule collection is refashioned into stylish embellishments of nature and culture by Sylvia Lim, founder-designer of Triologie, Goh Ling Ling, founder-designer of her eponymous label Lingwu, Elyn Wong, founder-designer of Stolen and famed local designer, Lai Chan.