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Valour Ox
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Valour Ox $335.55 $381.31
Inspired by the Ox's indomitable spirit, Valour honours the reflection of this majestic Ox charging into the New Year with courage and aspirations. Grounded with its legs pointing skyward in confidence, it displays full determination to will the outcome that one desires and start afresh with awe-inspiring optimism. Revel in auspicious beginnings and good luck with each opportunity transforming into success. Valour is masterfully handcrafted to perfection, making each piece a dedicated artistry to be treasured. Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions: Length: 110 mm Height: 108 mm Width: 55 mm Approx. Weight:  400 g Product Code: RVOXSSG1
Legend of XII - Ox
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Legend of XII - Ox $1,141.53 $1,297.20
Legend has it that the Jade emperor wanted to have with him 12 faithful and capable guards. He then sent an immortal being to Earth to spread the news about his search for his Chosen Twelve and the Race to the Heavenly Gates. Only the fastest 12 will be chosen. This was how the 12 Zodiac Animals came to being. In Chinese mythology, it is also believed that these animals bring with them an abundance of good luck, prosperity and wealth. This is why our RISIS Zodiac Collections all intricately crafted by hand and encapsulated in the finest 24K Swiss Gold make such meaningful and cherished gifts. They are also a perfect addition to ones work and living spaces.   The fearless Ox faces life's challenges head on, its strength and vigour keenly felt, from its flared nostrils to its powerful, confident stance. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension:Length: 218 mmDepth: 100 mm Height: 157 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVZOXMG1
Dauntless Ox Necklace
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Dauntless Ox Necklace $138.17 $157.01
Heralding the year of the Ox, this endearing pendant sits on a delicate chain and celebrates new beginnings with the majestic creature taking centre stage. According to the Chinese Zodiac Elements, the Ox is associated with the Earth element. Meticulously handcrafted in 24K Swiss Gold, its captivating silhouette rests against a square-shaped pasture, depicting harmony and prosperity. Each pendant is a symbol of strength that brings renewed confidence to the wearer as they overcome any challenges in life. Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension: Chain Length: 600 mmHeight: 30 mmWidth: 15 mm PRODUCT CODE: R4OXPMG1