5 Tips on How to Care for Gold Jewellery


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Whether it’s for status, fashion or timeless lavish indulgence, we adorn ourselves with jewellery that we love. Meaningful sentiments that we hold dear, grow stronger as the years go by, which — aside from their often considerable sentimental significance — makes it even important to care for our precious ornaments, to ensure they too can withstand the test of time.

Indulging in exquisite glimmering gold jewellery is a timeless expression of luxury and style. These dazzling pieces hold significant sentimental value and are often passed down through generations.

At RISIS, we understand the importance of preserving your treasured ornaments, and that's why we're excited to share our expert tips on how to care for your gold jewellery. From routine cleaning to proper storage, this guide will help you keep your precious jewellery radiant for years to come.

1. Clean Your Gold Jewellery Regularly

Clean your jewellery regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt, body oils and grime that can dull the sparkle and lustre of your adornments.

We recommend a once-a-week schedule for pieces worn frequently, such as a wedding ring or a treasured necklace. For jewellery worn less frequently, cleaning them twice a year is adequate.

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How to Clean Your Gold Jewellery

Step 1. 

Place your jewellery in a plastic bowl with a cleaning solution. You can use a pre-made solution or a mix of warm water and a mild liquid soap.

Step 2. 

Remove the jewellery from the water and gently rub it using a soft cloth, making sure to clean all surfaces thoroughly. For intricate pieces with fine details and engravings, a soft-bristled toothbrush can be used to reach hard-to-clean areas.

Step 3. 

Rinse in lukewarm water to wash away the residues.

Step 4. 

Wipe with a lint-free cloth and ensure that every piece is thoroughly dried before storing it in a jewellery box.

2. Exercise Caution When Engaging in Physical Activities

Preventing any damage to your jewellery is the best way to make sure its glistering shimmer shines forth, especially during those precious moments.  

We recommend removing jewellery when engaging in any activities, such as exercising, cleaning and gardening, that may result in sudden impact or activities that may sully your jewellery with muck or dirt. While we are on the subject of exercising caution, avoid exposing jewellery to extreme heat to protect your precious stones and their radiance.

3. Store Your Jewellery Individually

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When storing your jewellery, take care to store them separately, as some gems, such as diamonds, can scratch other stones and metals. 

Cloth pouches or padded boxes are a great way to secure and prevent them from rattling around. Be sure to close chains and lay them flat to keep them from forming knots.

4. Wear Jewellery After Makeup

Prior to engaging in any activity that requires the use of chemicals or abrasives, such as applying hairspray, using nail polish remover, or spraying perfume, it is advisable to first remove your jewellery.

It's worth noting that even something as seemingly harmless as washing your hands can have an impact on your jewellery's sparkle. Soap deposits can accumulate in small crevices, leading to deterioration over time.

5. Check Before Wearing

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Caring for jewellery involves more than just frequent cleaning and prudence, it also requires regular checks for wear and tear to ensure they remain in pristine condition. 

At least once a year, inspect your jewellery by checking that the clasps are working perfectly, the bezels are still robust and that the prongs (the arms that hold the stones) are still tight. 

To check whether stones are held in place securely, pass your finger delicately over the stones. If the stones move, send your piece to a jeweller for necessary adjustments.