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Guardian of Blessings
Guardian of Blessings $6,988.00
LIMITED EDITIONOnly 88 pcs worldwide The magnificent tiger wanders into a reverie garden of blessings, ushering in the arrival of spring. Plum blossoms come into full bloom with delicate scents wafting through the air, portraying beauty in adversity. The five petals represent five blessings, each of which symbolises longevity, prosperity, health, virtue, and harmony. Celebrating the dawn of a new beginning, the unwavering guardian hails prosperity through the amber Liu Li moon gate, imprinted with auspicious gold coins, conveying a glittering doorway that invites bliss and fortune to pass through. Each piece reveals immaculate artistry, meticulously handcrafted and encapsulated in the finest 24K Swiss Gold, making it a propitious gift for a year of blooming abundance. FIND OUT MORE BOOK AN APPOINTMENT   Product Information: Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Amber Liu Li moon gate on Copper blackened baseDimension:Length: 275 mmDepth: 185 mmHeight: 240 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVTGXLG1  
Guardian of Joy
Guardian of Joy $408.00
Brimming with optimism, the jubilant cub is on cloud nine as it sets to embark on a new endeavour. With success within its grasp, it heralds a smooth sailing year ahead, fulfilling wishes with every stride. As it playfully embraces the Ruyi Scepter, a symbolic object of prosperity, it exudes vitality and soars to greater heights. A lively piece intricately handcrafted and encapsulated in the finest 24K Swiss Gold, it is an ideal gift that presents fresh opportunities, transforming each obstacle into a joyous success. FIND OUT MORE   Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold on Copper blackened base Dimension:Length: 120 mmDepth: 50 mmHeight: 110 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVTGSSG1      
Legend of XII - Tiger
Legend of XII - Tiger $1,388.00
The power of a lithe body and steady mind is shown off to great effect in the Tiger. It moves so swiftly that it appears to be in flight, ever ready to turn any situation around in its favour. This magnificent creature shows how steadfast trustworthiness can contribute to success. Just as perseverance in craftsmanship can produce an object of great beauty and luxury.   Available for pre-orders. Email us at to place your order.   FIND OUT MORE   Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension:Length: 230 mmDepth: 110 mmHeight: 180 mm   PRODUCT CODE: RVZTIMG1        
Mini Orientals - Tiger
Mini Orientals - Tiger $128.00
A natural born leader with the hallmarks of a true sovereign, the Tiger embodies the power of a lithe body and stealthy mind. They are courageous creatures full of passion and frequently looked upon as a symbol of steadfast. Intricately encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and handcrafted to perfection, it strikes to win with its optimism and generosity while pushing the boundaries with utmost charm. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions: Height: 36 mmWidth: 22 mmLength: 62 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMTI03G
Valour Ox
Valour Ox $408.00
Inspired by the Ox's indomitable spirit, Valour honours the reflection of this majestic Ox charging into the New Year with courage and aspirations. Grounded with its legs pointing skyward in confidence, it displays full determination to will the outcome that one desires and start afresh with awe-inspiring optimism. Revel in auspicious beginnings and good luck with each opportunity transforming into success. Valour is masterfully handcrafted to perfection, making each piece a dedicated artistry to be treasured. Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions: Length: 110 mm Height: 108 mm Width: 55 mm Approx. Weight:  400 g Product Code: RVOXSSG1
Zodiac Rat Figurine
Zodiac Rat Figurine $98.00
Rat - honest, amusing, creative and sociable. Overcomes obstacles easily. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension: Length: 50 mmDepth: 25 mmHeight: 25 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMRA02G
Zodiac Rooster Figurine
Zodiac Rooster Figurine $98.00
Rooster - amusing, courageous, adventurous and energetic. Often succeeds in business. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimension: Length: 40 mm Depth: 20 mm Height: 55 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMRO02G
Zodiac Dragon Figurine
Zodiac Dragon Figurine $98.00
Dragon - symbolises greatness, goodness and blessings. Its appearance brings about ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimension: Lengths: 85 mmDepth: 25 mm Height: 40 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMDR02G
Zodiac Snake Figurine
Zodiac Snake Figurine $98.00
Snake - has both beauty and brains. A wise decision maker but tends to be laid-back. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss GoldDimension: Length: 65 mmDepth: 40 mmHeight: 15 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVMSN02G
Bliss Ox
Bliss Ox $6,988.00
LIMITED EDITIONOnly 88 pcs worldwide Relishing the year ahead with royal demeanour, Bliss stands firmly atop veritable treasures of gold coins on an amber Liu Li base, emblematic of its fortune and prosperity.   Framed by graceful imprints of Lotus Leaves together with a wealth of auspicious details full of grandeur, the opulent Ox celebrates new beginnings with utmost rewards of peace and prosperity.  A paean to fine craftsmanship, Bliss is delicately handcrafted and encapsulated in the finest 24K Swiss Gold, making it a propitious gift that conveys joy and boundless blessings.   Product Information:Resin Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold on top of Amber Liu Li Base Dimensions:  Length: 335 mm Height: 295 mm Width: 143 mm Approx. Weight (Ox):  2.89 kg Approx. Weight (Liu Li): 3.33 kg   Product Code: RVOXXLG1 Have a look at Bliss from Concept to Completion:
Zodiac Set on Large Yuan Rack
Zodiac Set on Large Yuan Rack $1,288.00
The Zodiac Rack featuring all 12 zodiac animals is a stunning piece of display to own. According to Chinese folklore, the Chinese Zodiac sign is based on one's year of birth and tells of one's fortune and personality. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions:Length: 390 mm Width: 67 mm Height: 382 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVZD914G
Double Fortune Rat
Double Fortune Rat $6,888.00
LIMITED EDITIONOnly 88 pcs worldwide According to a mythical Chinese legend, Nuwa mended the cracked skies with precious gemstones and some of these treasures fell to earth and transformed into shiny garnets, resembling ruby red pomegranates, earning pomegranate its name as one of the auspicious fruits. As the leader of the Chinese zodiacs, the Rat represents progress and achievements. A pair of charming and agile Rats climb up a tree bearing amber coloured Liu Li pomegranates, representing auspiciousness, richness and abundance. The bundle of life-like fruits resembles a chest with a treasured collection of sparkling red rubies, delivering fortune and bountiful happiness. A symbol of adaptability and success, the Double Fortune Rats paired with auspicious pomegranates calls for a lifetime of a continuous stream of luck, blessings and wealth abundance.   Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with amber coloured Liu Li Dimensions: Length: 255 mmHeight: 395 mmWidth: 170 mm Weight:  4820g   Product Code:  RVRATXG1  
Legend of XII - Rat
Legend of XII - Rat $1,388.00
Coming in first in the celestial race, the Rat continues to strive to be the best at everything it embarks on. Standing tall on grains of rice, a symbol of abundance, the Rat brings with it wishes for a life of plenty and wealth. Product Information:Pewter Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions:Length: 20 mmDepth: 110 mmHeight: 200 mm PRODUCT CODE: RVZRAMG1
Abundant Wishes Rat
Abundant Wishes Rat $408.00
Inspired by festive Chinese greetings, the adorable Rat hopping on to the tangerine brings a lifetime of fortune and prosperity. The pronunciation of “tangerine” (橘ju) in Chinese is similar to “auspicious” (吉ji), symbolising the arrival of wealth and success in leaps and bounds. This sculpture is hence a mark of modern craftsmanship. Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Copper Blackened Base Dimensions:Length: 50 mm Height: 95 mm Width: 51 mm Weight: 680 g Product Code: RVRATSG1
Bountiful Treasures Rat
Bountiful Treasures Rat $408.00
Captivated by the auspicious symbolism and elegance of the Chinese language and culture, this detailed piece depicts the Rat standing triumphantly on a chestnut (栗子lizi) which has a similar pronunciation to “prosperity” (吉利jili). It is also frequently used as a popular greeting during celebratory occasions, wishing an abundance of fame and fortune (名利双收minglishuangshou).     Product Information:Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Copper Blackening Dimensions:  Length: 48 mmHeight: 95 mmWidth: 60 mm Weight:  520g   Product Code: RVRATSG2