Artisan Jewellery Inspired by Hues of Nature


The Garden Odyssey Collection features a one-of-a-kind harmonious collection featuring the beauty of exotic flora and fauna. Every piece is crafted with meticulous craftsmanship to unveil the layers of unparalleled ornate splendour that’s intertwined with exquisite urban sophistication.

The Garden Odyssey Collection: A Tribute to Nature and Architecture

The journey to creating these masterpieces begins with the ideation process. This new artisan jewellery inspired by hues of nature honours both natural beauty and modern architectural design, inspired by Singapore’s very own Gardens by the Bay.

Our skilful jewellery artisans create each piece by hand. Each gemstone is carefully selected to illuminate the lustrous botanical diversity, unveiling the luminous hues of tropical beauty like no other. Featuring an array of gemstones, glittering in fascinating colours that signify the myriad shades of the majestic ecosystem.

One side of the ring reveals the intricate structures of the Super Tree, while the other is accented with Chrome Diopside, representing the lush botanical ferns grown on the Super Trees.


London Blue Topaz is chosen as the centrepiece, representing water, a crucial element in the whole gardens’ ecosystem.


Red Garnet, an inspiring gemstone cherished for its rich connections, represents eternal love.


Peridot that adds a mesmerising shade of green.

Gemstone Cleaning and Care: Maintaining Nature’s Masterpieces

Quality gemstones add an immaculate shine to your jewellery. But how do we maintain their exquisite brilliance? Needless to say, without proper care and maintenance, even the brightest diamond would lose its sparkle.

Cleaning your gemstones regularly will help with maintaining their shine. Most gemstones can be maintained with warm water and mild soap accompanied by light brushing while ultrasound or steam cleaning is not recommended in most cases.

Garden Odyssey Medley Ring with London Blue Topaz and Chrome Diopside

The London Blue Topaz represents water, an essential component that brings life and sustains nature. The premium gemstone with its alluring hue of blue should be kept away from bright light since overexposure may cause this precious topaz to fade. When cleaning, use warm and soapy water but avoid soaking for long durations. On the Mohs scale of hardness, this gemstone is rated 8, which means that it's fairly durable.

Garden Odyssey Tassel Earrings with Peridot and Red Garnet

The Red Garnet has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that one should take care to minimise hard knocks or blows. Soapy warm water would be perfect for cleaning.

Garden Odyssey Drop Earrings with Peridot, Rhodolite Garnet, and Chrome Diopside

With a hardness rating of 5 to 6, caution should be exercised when donning the less durable Chrome Diopside. When storing, place your Diopside in a fabric lined jewellery box or wrap it in a soft cloth. The same cleaning routine should be exercised as with the gems above and harsh chemicals are not recommended.


Versatile Sophistication: Pieces in the Collection

Artisan jewellery inspired by hues of nature that spell ‘Uniquely Singapore’, these unique pieces symbolise the harmonious blend of modern architecture and botanical wonders.

Intertwine nature and technology with elaborate sophistication that make gifting truly unique and memorable.


Breathtaking Ornaments that Blend Nature and Architecture

Drawing inspiration from both the transcendent botanical beauty and the impressive realm of architecture, the Garden Odyssey Collection from RISIS delivers the best of both worlds for the refined and elegant.

Adorn yourself with the best of what we have to offer. Shop the collection today.

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