Explore the Different Orchid Jewellery Finishes


Every woman needs a piece of jewellery that resembles their character. Stuck on which colour to choose for yourself? Make it easier by using our method to prep you for the date nights and outings.

Check out our guide to pick the right colour for your jewellery!

Different Material

24K Gold  

24K Swiss Gold (G)

The purest form of gold, our signature 24K Swiss Gold finish is a staple colour that looks smart and classy. Greatly loved among fashionable women who are into monotone outfits.

Rose Gold 18K Rose Gold (RG)
An alloy of precious metals, the 18K Rose Gold has a pinkish tone of feminism. If you have warm skin tone, this colour is the perfect one for you. Another customer favourite. Goes surprisingly well with textured white outfits.
Rhodium Rhodium (RH)
A precious metal like gold, silver or platinum which is rarely found in nature. It is seen as a good finishing for customers who are sensitive to silver. This finishing is popular among our European customers.
Palladium Palladium (P)
Palladium is a precious white metal belonging to the same group as Rhodium and serves as a good alternative that appears in a different hue of white. If you love youthful outfit styles, this is a great way to bring a pop to your look.
bi-colour Bi-colour (RHG/PG)
A perfect combination of our signature 24K Swiss Gold and precious white metals, the two-tone finishing brings out accents of the refined orchid petal profile. The most luxurious colour among the RISIS world, this is our all-time bestseller for both work and play.
18K Gold 18K Gold
A lighter and paler tone than 24K Swiss Gold, the 18K Gold finish is widely used in our designer series. Easy to match with any outfit, looks instantly more elegant.

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Did you know?
The indication used behind our jewellery name states the finishing of the pieces. It means that there are other available colours for the same designs. Check them out!