How to Style Necklaces for Every Neckline

Featuring a model wearing RISIS 24K Swiss Gold slider necklace

In the intricate world of fashion, mastering the art of necklace styling for every neckline is akin to crafting a visual symphony. As you face the mirror, contemplating your attire, the perennial question arises: how to style necklaces for every neckline? We've all experienced that moment, surrounded by an array of necklaces, uncertain about which one perfectly complements our chosen outfit. 

Finding the right necklace to go with a particular outfit or neckline can be difficult. You stand before the mirror, pondering long and staring at yourself—what to wear? It’s challenging, yet it’s an opportunity to be creative and to flourish. 

This guide unfolds the secrets of what necklace to wear with what neckline, making the process straightforward and enjoyable.

Necklace by Neckline: Crafting the Perfect Harmony  

When adorning yourself with jewellery, the harmonious pairing of necklace and neckline is crucial to achieving a polished and sophisticated look. The key lies in understanding the interplay between the two elements, ensuring that the necklace complements and accentuates the neckline rather than competing with it.

The one critical factor to consider is the shape of the neckline. By mirroring the shape of the neckline with the necklace, you create a sense of cohesion and balance. 

Exploring Specific Necklines: Tailored Necklace Recommendations

To illustrate these principles further, let's delve into specific neckline styles and their corresponding necklace recommendations:

  • Round Neckline: With a round neckline, your necklace should ideally be a round shape.  Avoid pairing a round neckline with a pointed pendant or a V-shaped necklace as they won't complement each other. Aim for the necklace to sit slightly shorter than the neckline. Try a short chain with a small, round gemstone or pendant for a more substantial appearance.
  • High Neckline: A high neckline creates an inverted-V look that narrows your shoulders and lengthens your torso. Choose a long necklace that does not compete with a high collar. Go for a rope or a lariat necklace to enhance the long, slim outline. Remember to steer clear of necklaces that rest too high, as this can make the neck appear shorter. Instead, opt for a statement necklace that draws attention to the neckline without overwhelming it.
  • Crew Neckline: The secret to those with a crew neckline is to play with the necklace length. You can choose a longer necklace that goes over the chest, or a shorter one that sits above it. Either way, it will look good on you. However, avoid the extremes of very long necklaces or chokers to not look over the top.
  • V-Neckline: A V-neckline elongates your shape. The key is to choose a necklace that does the same, but not too short or too long than your V-neck to avoid the necklace to fall over or fall into your neckline. A useful top for the V-shape is to choose a neckline and necklace with one inch of space between them for a perfect match.
  • Low Neckline: Don't leave too much empty space between your necklace and neckline either. Also, never add a statement necklace to a busy neckline, as it can look too much. For low necklines, a delicate choker or a necklace with a pendant that rests just below the collarbone creates a refined and elegant look. It's essential to avoid necklaces that extend below the neckline, as this can create an overly elongated and unbalanced appearance.


Your necklace should be a harmonious addition, elevating your ensemble rather than creating a sense of busyness or disruption. By adhering to these necklace styling tips, you can effortlessly select necklaces that perfectly complement your neck shape with confidence and elegance. Let the necklace express your style, emphasise your outfit, and highlight your best features.