RE:LOOP - A Fun Take on Sustainability


A special collaboration between Ying the Label and RISIS

As advocates of sustainability, we believe that there’s no better time than to embark on this journey collectively.

People continuously seek for new perspectives – how we view life has changed immensely in 2020, a year of the unexpected. As people come together with conversations to support one another, it is important for us to stay positive and see the silver linings.

This marks RISIS’s first collaboration with fashion apparel brand, Ying The Label as we embark on a new and exciting journey towards sustainability. 

RE:LOOP Necklace Ying Label X Risis 1

Introducing “Re: loop”

RE:LOOP Necklace On ModelRe: loop is a capsule of limited edition upcycled fabric necklaces by Ying, paired with the luxury of RISIS’s iconic orchid pendants. This collection sought to give honour to its heritage and therefore the orchid flower was chosen.

The beauty in this capsule lies in the fine details of every piece, from the art to the final touches. Since they are made from fabric remains, no one piece is the same. Sustainability can be an inspiration, allowing us to create wonderful objects, consciously.

RISIS Recycled Resources 

RISIS Orchid Pendants Recycled Resources

The gold we used for this collection goes through a process of recycling from un-used wastages. To be socially responsible, every piece of the jewellery is encapsulated in a cyanide-free gold bath to ensure the quality remains.

We believe that we can all make a difference even in small steps, and this first ever collaboration with Ying came at the perfect time.

YING’s Upcycled Fabrics

YING’s Upcycled Fabrics

Each fabric’s prints featured in the collection are individually hand painted by Ying,  Founder of Yingthelabel. Absolutely beautiful and one of a kind, she used a myriad of colours in her designs, depicting different emotions by telling a story.

Ying shared her personal inspiration stemmed from a period when her tailor wanted to clear away fabrics that were un-used. Believing that these stashes of fabrics that were never showcased should not be thrown away, she came up with the idea of upcycling them, hoping that she could breathe new life into these former creations.

RISIS x Yingthelabel

There will be a selection of 6 fabric designs, alongside 4 different gold finishings of the orchid charm. Shoppers can look forward to mixing and matching the fabric and charms according to their liking.

Re: loop Launch Event

We held an exclusive launch event previewing Re: loop at RISIS flagship store, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands on 29th January. Honoured guests who attended the event had the privilege of getting first-hand information and design inspirations of the collection from the CEO of RISIS and founder of Ying The Label. They were also visually treated to the vibrant set-up of the limited-edition capsule collection and had fun mixing and matching their fabric necklace according to their personal style.

RE:loop x RSISI Necklace Launch



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