RISIS Autumn/Winter 2023 Event


We celebrated the launch of our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, Enchanted Mangrovia, at our flagship boutique located at ION Orchard on 24th August 2023. The collection not only dazzled with our fashion-forward designs but also presented as exquisite women's jewellery gifts, with the remarkable event graced by the presence of eminent Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), members of the media, and influential trendsetters, creating an atmosphere of excitement. 

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Event photograph taken at RISIS flagship store entrance.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 event crowd in-store

Delving into another captivating exploration of yet another facet of nature's beauty, RISIS’ Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is inspired by Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park.  Drawing inspiration from the wetlands, from mangroves and flowers to kingfishers and the bird-watching pods, RISIS has beautifully encapsulated these elements into a collection that showcases a symphony of multi-coloured necklaces, rings, and earrings. The boutique’s jewellery presentation comes to life, with counter displays adorned with plants meticulously arranged to mimic the natural environment, creating an enchanting experience for all who behold it.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 visual merchandising display

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Enchanted Mangrovia Long Necklace visual merchandising display set

This collection tells tales of rich biodiversity through creative colour plating, representing another breakthrough from RISIS' evergreen handcrafted gold jewellery. Designed for the contemporary woman, the collection also incorporated sparkling gemstones such as White Topaz, Freshwater Pearls, and Chrome Diopside, mirroring nature’s enchanting brilliance.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Enchanted Mangrovia Short Necklace visual merchandising display set

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is where some of the world's rarest mangroves thrive and migratory birds find respite, RISIS has sought to encapsulate the essence of this remarkable wetland reserve into a collection that tells a story of craftsmanship, natural inspiration, and alluring refinement. Every piece beautifully reflects the fleeting nature of the season while emphasising the critical importance of sustainability, highlighting our commitment to conserving the environment for future generations.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Event - Guests enjoying the scents at scent bar.

Scents have a remarkable ability to evoke memories and emotional connections. To create a lasting impression, we presented each guest with a special scented gift to ensure they leave the event with enchanting memories of the wetland. 

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Event goodies, the scent card

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Event goodies, the scent card full collection

Prior to receiving their gift, every guest participated in a personalised profiling survey, linking their distinct personalities to a carefully chosen fragrance that perfectly complemented the jewellery from the Enchanted Mangrovia collection. These fragrances catered to varying personalities, ranging from the bold and confident, nature enthusiasts and eco warriors, to the artistic and creative, the determined and resilient, and those with an innate sense of elegance and sophistication.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Event Canapes

Fashionable guests were indulged with a selection of delectable canapés and beverages

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 private event guests showing off the jewellery stacks their created

Autumn Winter 2023 Collection Jewellery Designer, Natalia is donning one of the pieces on the female influencer.

RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 Collection, Enchanted Mangrovia lookbook.

The collection was complemented by a captivating look book, immersing guests in the narratives and creative sparks behind each piece.

Female influencers posing for the photograph wearing RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 jewellery collection, Enchanted Mangrovia.

RISIS' head of marketing is introducing the private event guests to the jewellery collections.

A large crowd is seen enjoying at the RISIS Autumn Winter 2023 private event.

It was a truly remarkable occasion filled with the spirit of connection, creativity, and celebration as we proudly unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection to our esteemed guests and trendsetters. Furthermore, our guests had the delightful opportunity to embark on a journey through our store, discovering other fascinating collections that present as exquisite jewellery gifts for both him and her.

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