RISIS presents the Daughters of Singapore campaign


Representing diverse beauty and strength, RISIS invites six female personalities, who are leaders in their field to share their hopes and stories, in a never-done-before campaign as Singapore celebrates its 52nd year of independence.

23 June 2017, Singapore -  From design to fashion, education to music, and television, as well as social media, much like Singapore’s overall growth, these mentioned industries, have grown from strength-to-strength. And while each industry has cultivated its own pool of champions and pace setters, the six ladies whom RISIS is proud to work with are not only considered leaders within their respective fields but each tells a story of independence, resilience and success.


Coming from various racial backgrounds with diverse portfolios, the ladies are, Aarika Lee, Adlina Anis, Anita Kapoor, Charmaine Seah, Ginette Chittick and Nellie Lim. Young, talented and ambitious, these ladies represent the current faces of Singapore who are positive testaments to how far our nation has come since 1965.


The ladies were styled with various coveted pieces from RISIS and taking centre stage, is RISIS’ latest collection of statement necklaces, entitled Orchid Rhapsody. Photographed by rising young Singaporean female-photographer, Sharon Leisinger, this campaign is made even more significant as the “Daughters of Singapore” notion is emphasised further with these ladies, despite their differences, come and work together like sisters to create an image that represents, beauty, strength and sheer hard-work.


A three piece collection, each necklace from the Orchid Rhapsody collection is made up of the Renanthanda orchid blooms plated in various precious metals (rose gold, palladium and 24K gold). Native to the Southeast Asian region, each orchid was selected for its own unique shape and then carefully plated.