The making of F1 Singapore Grand Prix trophy by RISIS


RISIS was honoured to be the manufacturer of 2014 Singapore Grand Prix SIA trophy. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to learn more about the creation of the winner’s trophy. Inspired by the iconic Singapore Airlines logo, the Winner’s Trophy for the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix embodies the common attributes between the world’s most awarded airline and the world’s most celebrated motorsport: innovation, technology, and precision. The three gold stripes, plated in 24-karat gold, represent power, direction and speed, while the clean curved lines, reminiscent of the gentle curves of a modern F1 car, imbue a touch of elegance, finesse and beauty to the sculpture. The base of the trophy embodies longevity – the original and longest-running F1 Night Race in the world – while the seven rings represent each of the seven years that the Grand Prix has been held in Singapore since 2008.

Watch the making of Singapore Grand Prix 2014 SIA Trophy video here.