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RISIS X LAICHAN Ascocenda Orchid Ring Front View
RISIS X LAICHAN Iconic Ascocenda Orchid Ring $480
Resilient in its intricacy, the beauty of the Ascocenda Sagarik Orchids unfolds in luxurious clusters of vibrant gold. Inspired by the quiet strength that arises from the union of the delicate blooms, Lai Chan brings his eye for the meticulous and flair for glamour to expressing the RISIS Iconic Ascocenda Sagarik 24K gold-plated Natural Orchid into an intricate latticework embellished with the elegance of pearls. Fully handcrafted, this statement ring features two Natural Ascocenda Orchids in varying finishes, one encapsulated in Matte Gold and the other in Gloss 24K Swiss Gold, complemented with a Baroque Freshwater Pearl.     Product Information: Natural Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid and Aeridovanda Vieng Ping Orchid Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Freshwater Pearl Dimensions:Ring Size: (US) 6.5 - 7.5 (Open Shank)   PRODUCT CODE: R8LCA6G1
RISIS X LINGWU Iconic Vanda Orchid Ring
RISIS X LINGWU Iconic Vanda Orchid Ring $300
RISIS Iconic Vanda Limbata Orchid is revitalised with purpose in Lingwu’s creation of the Compass of Life medallion. The Natural Orchid steeped in 24K gold-plating serves as the “guiding needle” on the medallion to inspire and motivate. It is this alchemy of insightful creativity and modern aesthetics that defines a New Sophistication for women today.This Gold Medallion base is sandblasted in 24K Swiss Gold and set with the “guiding needle” of Vanda Limbata Inspired Orchid, beautifully contrasted in 24K Matte Gold finish.     Product Information: Vanda Limbata Orchid Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Black Enamel and White Topaz Dimensions:Ring Size (US): 6.5 - 7.5 (Open Shank)   PRODUCT CODE: R8LWV2G1
RISIS X TRIOLOGIE Iconic Phalaenopsis Orchid Ring Front View
RISIS X TRIOLOGIE Iconic Phalaenopsis Orchid Ring $320
Triologie, known for translating elements of Peranakan culture into iconic motif on fabric, now proffers this artistry in 3-dimensional metal artwork to make this RISIS Iconic Phalaenopsis Orchid collection a meaningful work of fashion art. Peranakan style tradition is artfully remodelled in the signature Kerongsang-inspired brooch, long necklace with Aceh belt influence and audacious statement ring. The Phalaenopsis Orchid Ring is handcrafted and encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold, artfully embraced by the 3-Dimensional metal art of Triologie’s Peranakan-inspired print.     Product Information: Phalaenopsis Cornu-Cervi Inspired Orchid encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold Dimensions:Ring Size (US): 6 - 7 (Open Shank)   PRODUCT CODE: R8TGP2G1
Botanique Orchid Ring
Botanique Orchid Ring $360
With the 2022 Spring/Summer Collection, RISIS introduces a new approach to merge fashion, art, and nature. The Botanique Collection is inspired by the buzz of life in the Botanic Gardens immortalised in stunning jewellery creations. Instead of the usual repeated motifs, each piece in the collection boasts a different accent. The Orchid ring features a double finger style that is handcrafted in 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium, adorned with Peridot and White Topaz. Evoking an organic and edgy style, it introduces a fresh element of nature into the wearer’s daily life.     Product Information: 925 Silver Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold and Rhodium with Peridot and White Topaz Dimensions:Ring Size (US): 6 - 7 (Open Shank)   PRODUCT CODE: R8BODBB1
Miranda Ring with White Topaz
Miranda Ring with White Topaz $270
Wildly beautiful, the Miranda collection’s artisanal design draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the pink fungi “Podoserpula Miranda”. The exquisite species dons in a romantic shade of pink with its multi-tiered silhouette, unveiling elegant, intricate textures. An iconic symbol of all things wonderful, it is cherished for its all-encompassing qualities.Sprouting across the ring, this handcrafted piece is encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold and adorned with shimmering white topaz, beloved for its alluring femininity that makes a sophisticated statement. Perfect for those who find solace in nature, each piece is conversational and lends imagination and meaning to your style, like a breath of fresh air for any occasion. This is a special collaboration between RISIS and Raffles Design Institute.     Product Information: 925 Silver encapsulated in 18K Rose Gold with White Topaz Dimensions:Ring Size (US): 6.5 (Open Shank) PRODUCT CODE: R8RDIOA1
Enchanted Jasmine Ring
Enchanted Jasmine Ring $260
Meticulously curated for the modern woman, RISIS Enchanted Jasmine brings this 6-petal Pinwheel-like flower to life, echoing a whimsical illusion of movement. The collection celebrates the female sensuality, embodying empowering traits of a multi-faceted woman – delicate and graceful, yet resilient. Each piece is handcrafted and encapsulated in 18k Rose Gold and Rhodium, studded in White Topaz creating a scintillating play of light when worn.  Emanating beauty at every angle, the petals are characterised by its intricacies and uses an organic setting of the gemstone’s bezel, revealing exemplary artistry.     Product Information: 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18k Rose Gold and Rhodium with White Topaz Dimensions:Ring Size (US): 6.5 - 7.5 (Open Shank) PRODUCT CODE: R8JASSB1
Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Ring
Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Ring $100
The VMJ is the oldest natural hybrid of Singapore and is named after an Armenian lady who found this orchid in her garden. It was first registered and described in 1893 by Mr H. N. Ridley, then the Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On 15 April 1981, the Vanda Miss Joaquim was made the national flower of Singapore. It was selected for its beauty, resilience and its year-round blooming quality. A hybrid of Vanda hookeriana x Vanda teres, the Vanda Miss Joaquim is a hardy climbing plant that blooms freely throughout the year. The large flowers have a lovely mix of purple shades with sparkling tinges of orange, yellow and a dash of spotted crimson. The RISIS Vanda Miss Joaquim Creation captures the natural beauty and essence of the original Vanda Miss Joaquim to perfection. Product Information:Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium Dimensions:Size (US): 6.5 (Open Shank) PRODUCT CODE: R8VMJ6B1
Vanda Miss Joaquim Heritage Ring with Garnet
Vanda Miss Joaquim Heritage Ring with Garnet $240
Vanda Miss Joaquim was selected as the National Flower of Singapore. The variety ‘Agnes’ was chosen in particular for its vibrant colours, hardiness and resilience, qualities that reflect the Singapore spirit. It is also known as Zhuojin wandailan (卓锦万黛兰) in Chinese.   Product Information: 925 Sterling Silver Encapsulated in 18K Swiss Gold and Rhodium with natural pear shape Garnet Dimensions: Ring Size (US) : 6.5 (Open Shank)Natural Garnet : ~9 mm x 6 mmLength: 21 mmWidth: 16 mm   PRODUCT CODE: R8ORHMB1  
Dawn Ring With Rose Quartz
Dawn Ring With Rose Quartz $160
Usher in spring with the beautiful Dawn collection by RISIS. Each natural morning glory leaf is exquisitely encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold adorned with rose quartz, also known as the stone which symbolizes unconditional love. Each unique piece accentuates the soft contours of its designs and exudes ethereal charm that channels feminine glamour to any look, making it a MUST HAVE collection to own. Product Information:Natural Morning Glory Leaf Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Rose Quartz Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size (US): 6 - 7 (Open Shank)Rose Quartz: approx. 8 mmLength: 18-27 mmWidth: 9-13 mm PRODUCT CODE: R8MGX6G1
Merry Blossom Ring
Merry Blossom Ring $210
Elegantly audacious, RISIS Merry Blossom Collection inspires to uplift and empower women with the Dendrobium Orchid taking centre stage as the perfect symbol of resilience. Featuring statement rings to cascading long necklaces adorned with Rose Quartz for an alluring touch of femininity, each piece is finely handcrafted and encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold to perfection. Celebrate the amazing women in your life with an empowering gift imbued with strength and sophistication! Product Information:Natural Merry Island Orchid encapsulated with 24K Swiss gold and Rhodium Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size: US 5.5 - US 7.5Orchid Length: 35mmOrchid Width: 35mm PRODUCT CODE: R8MIO6B1
Puppy Love Ring
Puppy Love Ring $69
Inspired by love and devotion, celebrate love's simple moments with the puppy love collection. Encapsulated in rhodium with 18K Gold, this collection is an elegant declaration of love. Product Information:925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium Dimensions:Size (US): 6 | 7 PRODUCT CODE: R8DOG6B1 | R8DOG7B1
Cattleya Orchid Ring (RHG)
Cattleya Orchid Ring (RHG) from $90
The Cattleya embodies a woman of grace and poise, and is the epitome of elegance. Crafted with 18K Swiss Gold and Rhodium giving a touch of elegance to its wearer's outfit.   Product information: Encapsulated in 18K Swiss Gold & Rhodium  Dimensions: Adjustable Ring Size    PRODUCT CODE: R8CAT6B1 | R8CAT7B1
Maiden Jade Ring
Maiden Jade Ring $290
LIMITED EDITIONOnly 20 pcs worldwide Inspired by the delicate silhouettes of the maidenhair fern, RISIS Maiden Jade collection artfully explores the understated beauty of nature as it evokes botanical reverie, allowing one to spark their imagination of assimilating into a fairytale forest.  A soothing combination of styles from its cascading earrings to necklaces, each piece features a natural fern encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with lustrous Type A Burmese Jadeite. Embodying nuances of spring, the fern symbolizes new beginnings and is a perfect reminder of strength for overcoming adversities. Product Information:Natural Maiden Fern Encapsulated in 24K Swiss Gold with Type A Burmese Jadeite Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size (US) : 6 - 7 (Open Shank) Product Code: R8MFJMG1
Enchanted Lotus Ring
Enchanted Lotus Ring $200
Bask in splendour and get captivated by RISIS Enchanted Lotus Collection. Inspired by the symbolic elements of nature, the collection uses lotus seeds as its highlight, creating ethereal designs immersed in beauty. Lotus is a symbol of re-birth, enlightenment and a representation of resilience, for this exquisite flower blooms in adversity, emerging as the rarest and most beautiful.  Intricately made with a dash of flair, every exquisite piece comes in solid 925 Sterling Silver, encapsulated in precious Rhodium and adorned with natural lotus seeds and White Topaz gemstones. Each lotus seed used is special as no two pieces are exactly identical, making this a wonderful gift that is imbued with great personal meanings.     Product Information: 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and Rhodium, natural lotus seed with White Topaz Dimensions: Size (US) : 6.5 (Open Shank)Length: 20 mmWidth: 17 mm PRODUCT CODE: R8ELS6B1
Love Knot Saga Seed Ring
Love Knot Saga Seed Ring $160
Saga seeds are a representation of love and unity, evoking sweet memories of simple love. Gift your loved ones these unique nature-inspired Love Knots Saga Seed Jewellery as a declaration for your love and affection towards them. This exquisitely handcrafted collection adorned with natural saga seeds is suitable across varying occasions. Product Information:Natural Saga Seed, Bronze Encapsulated in 18K Gold Dimensions:Adjustable Ring Size (US): 6 - 7Length: 21 mmWidth: 21 mm PRODUCT CODE: R8LKS6G1