4 Christmas Jewellery Ideas 2022


From the opulent stores and elegant shopping streets of Vienna to the resplendent and vibrant avenues of Singapore, Christmas is a day that is celebrated by millions of people across the globe.

Beyond the glittering lights and sprawling decorations, it is a day spent in the warm circle of family and friends, a day when we exchange gifts with loved ones to show love and appreciation.

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Here are 4 Christmas jewellery ideas to bring festive cheer to your loved ones.


Iconic and Whimsical: The Garden Odyssey Collection

Gardens by the Bay has won international acclaim for its whimsical presentation of horticulture and garden artistry in an ensemble that is both exotic in its beaut and yet hauntingly familiar in the echoes of the natural world that surround us. The futuristic orchestra of colour and life evokes wonder and sheer delight to all that grace its glass domes.

The Garden Odyssey Collection is an ode to the iconic landmark, and contains several pieces that seek to recapture the spectrum of colours and the geometric silhouettes that lie within the urban Eden.

Each of the pieces within the Garden Odyssey Collection reflects a legacy of elite craftsmanship that spans 40 years and laced with iridescent gemstones. Any of the pieces within the collection will serve well as a thoughtful gift for Christmas.

Garden Odyssey Kaleidoscope Necklace 925 Silver Encapsulated in 18K Gold and 18K Rose Gold accented with Chrome Diopside, London Blue Topaz, Lemon Quartz, and Pink Amethyst

Garden Odyssey Kaleidoscope Necklace

Garden Odyssey Drop Earrings

Garden Odyssey Drop Earrings


Garden Odyssey Medley Ring

Garden Odyssey Groves Name Card and Pen Holder

Garden Odyssey Groves Name Card and Pen Holder


Regal and Timeless: The Peranakan Jewellery Collection

Among the many faces within Singapore’s melting pot of cultures is the Peranakan, a hybrid culture that dates all the way to the 15th Century when - as the legend says - a Chinese princess married the Sultan of Malacca. The men from her entourage intermarried with local women, and their descendants are who we’ve come to know today as Peranakans.

The Peranakan culture is rich in tradition and heritage and has inspired many seminal ornaments, including the Peranakan Jewellery Collection. This collection honours that tradition with a series of regal and timeless jewellery made from a variety of precious metals (such as gold and silver) and gems (such as hessonite, london blue topaz and more).

Each piece from this collection has been fashioned to exacting standards to recapture the long history and timeless beauty associated with the Peranakan cultural heritage.


Timeless Peranakan II Necklace (G) with Hessonite

Timeless Peranakan II Necklace with Hessonite

Peranakan Spheres Dangling Earrings with Blue Topaz

Peranakan Spheres Large Ring with Blue Topaz

Peranakan Spheres Dangling Earrings with Blue Topaz

Peranakan Spheres Dangling Earrings with Blue Topaz

Timeless Peranakan II Necklace with London Blue Topaz

Timeless Peranakan II Necklace with Blue Topaz


Oriental and Exquisite: The Jadeite Bloom Collection

In Asia and many other cultures around the world, Jade has been revered for its beauty and transcendental qualities.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius spoke of 11 De (or virtues) present in Jade: benevolence, justice, propriety, truth, credibility, music, loyalty, heaven, earth, morality, and intelligence.

The Jadeite Bloom Collection inherits those traits in its design, with 3 Phalaenopsis Orchids made from 18k gold and inlaid with diamonds to represent the three stages of life: past, present and future.

Pieces in this collection seek to inspire an emotional connection to be cherished for generations to come.

Jadeite Bloom II - Type A Burmese Jadeite bangle in Solid 18K White Gold and 18K Rose Gold with Diamonds

Jadeite Bloom II

Jadeite Bloom III

Jadeite Bloom III

Jadeite Bloom IV - Type A Burmese Jadeite bangle in Solid 18K White Gold and 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Jadeite Bloom IV

Jadeite Bloom V

Jadeite Bloom V

Modern and Sophisticated: RISIS x Lingwu Collection

Our last Christmas jewellery idea for 2022 is a medley of classic design and modern aesthetics: the RISIS x Lingwu Collection.

The iconic design is inspired by a compass and pocket watch from the Victorian era to form a medallion pendant which RISIS has christened as the Compass of Life.

At the centre of the Compass of Life is a natural Vanda Limbata Orchid, encapsulated in 24K gold to serve as a guiding needle.

The result is a device for divination, an instrument to navigate life, and a sophisticated tool to inspire and motivate the contemporary woman as she sails through the winds of time.

The RISIS X Lingwu Collection contains three statement pieces, a long necklace, an orchid ring and short necklace all (or either) of which are great gifts to showcase your love and support.


RISIS X LINGWU Iconic Vanda Orchid Ring

Final Thoughts

We hope you come to love some of the Christmas jewellery ideas we have presented so far. We’ve picked what we believe will convey heartwarming appreciation to those who mean the most. You can also browse through our jewellery to find more meticulously crafted and inspired statement pieces, including necklaces, brooches, cufflinks, sculptures, desktop decorations, and so much more.