Eurokars Employee Privilege Program

RISIS 24K Swiss Gold plated horse sculptures and orchid mixed metal brooch on a coffee table in a living room.
Established in Singapore in 1976, RISIS is renowned for encapsulating Natural Orchids in Gold. Its artisanal collections in Jewellery and Home and Lifestyle are a testament to nature's enduring beauty. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, uniting exquisite craftsmanship with the brand’s unique identity, featuring designs inspired by nature and Asian heritage themes.
RISIS necklaces
RISIS' wide selection of orchid jewellery showcases nature's beauty, with the Orchid slider as its signature piece, beautifully encapsulated in Gold. Fresh orchids, carefully handpicked from the nursery, are hand-shaped and crafted into delicate pieces, immortalising nature's moments. RISIS Orchid sliders provide six versatile ways of wearing, allowing you to customise your style effortlessly.
RISIS 24K Swiss Gold home and lifestyle wall arts, business card holder and auspicious sculptures.
Elevate your everyday with artistic home and lifestyle pieces. Introducing a range of highly creative pieces from frames and sculptures to artisanal desktop items, each with brilliant craftsmanship that inspires conversations, designed to bring joy into your space.
RISIS Headquarters:
14 Kung Chong Road, #05-01 Lum Chang Building
Please visit during business working hours, between 9am - 5:30pm

RISIS ION Flagship Boutique:
2 Orchard Turn, #B1-13 ION Orchard