Necklace Size Guide

Find your perfect fit: dawn to dusk, for yourself or someone special. Our size guide helps you confidently determine the ideal necklace length for any occasion, ensuring a flawless fit every time.

Total Length (mm)

Total Length (in)


Below 500

Below 19.7"


500 - 800

19.7" - 31.5"


Above 800

Above 31.5"

10mm equals to 1cm.
1 inch equals to 25mm.

The appearance of a necklace in the visual guide varies with each person's build and height.

For added flexibility, some necklaces feature extension links adjustable from 2.5cm to 5cm, so if you choose a 400mm necklace, it is likely extendable up to 450mm.

Midori Bracelet With Sky Blue Topaz (RH) - - RISIS

Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length

Selecting the right necklace can transform any outfit and highlight a woman's natural beauty. The key is to choose a necklace length that complements your unique features, such as your neck, height, body type, and face shape.

Necklace Length Position on the Body
360mm Necklace Fits snugly like a choker, wrapping closely around the neck.
400mm Necklace Sits at the base of the neck like a collar. On petite women, it hangs loosely around the neck, falling just at the collarbone. On plus-size women, it may fit more like a choker.
450mm Necklace A classic length that sits gracefully on the collarbone, making it a popular choice.
500mm Necklace Falls just below the collarbone.
560mm Necklace Reaches the top of the bust or slightly above.
800mm Necklace Falls just below the bust and above the waist. A versatile length that can be looped around the neck twice for a layered look if desired.
1000mm Necklace
(Orchid Slider)
Hangs quite long almost down to the waist. This length can be worn as a single chain or doubled over for a layered look.

Neck Size

Before buying a necklace, especially a choker, ensuring the right size is necessary for both comfort and style. Begin by measuring your neck's circumference. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your neck and add 50mm for a comfortable choker length, typically around 400mm. For pendants or name necklaces, add 100mm to your neck measurement, resulting in an ideal 450mm chain. Chokers suit those with longer necks, while individuals with shorter necks should consider other styles.


Your height plays a significant role in choosing the perfect necklace length. If you're shorter than 160cm, opt for necklaces between 400mm and 450mm. If you're of medium height, almost any length will look great on you. For those taller than 170cm, longer necklaces will complement your height beautifully.

Face Shape

Necklaces also frame your face and can enhance your facial features:

Face Shape Necklace Recommendations


Equal width and length, soft, curved features.

Steer clear of short necklaces or chokers, as they can make your face appear rounder.


Balanced proportions, widest around the cheekbones.

Almost any necklace length or style is flattering.


Elongated appearance, greater length than width.

Shorter necklaces help balance and soften your face. Choker and princess necklaces, between 400mm and 450mm, are ideal.


Wider forehead and cheekbones, tapering to a narrow chin.

Chokers or short necklaces create a sense of fullness and balance a narrow chin.

Determining Your Perfect Necklace Length

Choose Your Favourite Necklace as Reference:

  • Step 1: Place your necklace flat on a table, ensuring it's open.
  • Step 2: Measure the length of your necklace from end to end.

Measure on Your Body:

  • Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Step 2: Wrap a flexible measuring tape, a long piece of string, or ribbon around your neck, connecting both ends where you want the necklace to sit.
  • Step 3: Record the length.

If you plan to wear a pendant with the necklace, remember to account for the additional pendant length when determining the necklace's desired endpoint.

Short Necklaces

Below 500mm. A classic choice that sits around the collarbone.


Medium Necklaces

Typically 700mm-800mm. Versatile for multiple look and styles.


Long Necklaces

Longer than 800mm. The iconic orchid sliders, styleable in 6 ways.