• Dendrobium Orchid

    Found in diverse habitats throughout much of south, east and southeast Asia, the name is derived from the Greek word “dendron,” which means tree and “bios,” which means life. This translates to “one who lives in on trees, which essentially refers to these orchids being epiphytes. A symbolism of tenacity, confidence and charm


    Welcome a wealth of possibilities this Year of the Pig. The twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac symbolises good fortune and luck. Inspired by the animal’s optimism and generosity, our 2019 Zodiac Collection celebrates abundance, hope and prosperity for the New Year.

  • Kissed by Eternity

    The Rose Dome exudes an air of opulence as the stalk of voluptuous rose is preserved and plated in 24K Swiss gold and 18K Rose gold. Enclosed in a glass dome, the display piece charms your loved ones as it captures the magic and merriment of the season.

  • Arowana

    Aptly known as the Dragon Fish, Arowanas are renowned for their beauty and elegance. A popular business and house warming gift, symbolising good luck and prosperity. Plated in finest 24K Gold.


    Plated in the finest 18K Rose Gold, the soft pink hues add a touch of elegance and grace. Discover our wide range of our Rose Gold Collection today!

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